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making waves

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posted Monday, 12 July 2010

Just when I thought nothing was going to happen on the feeds today, the explosions started.  Here's what I got:

Annie's been going around the campaign trail all day, and pretty much everyone was getting tired of listening to her.  At some point she said something to Rachel as she (R) was walking through the sliding glass door to the BY.  Rachel walked through the door and closed it.  I didn't hear/see this, so I don't know if it was just that Rachel didn't hear Annie, didn't want to talk to her, or was, as Annie later claimed "slamming to door in [her] face."

the fight annie

A few minutes later Annie approached Rachel in the kitchen and asked what the deal was.  No one else was around.  (This part I did see.) Rachel said she didn't know what Annie was talking about.  Annie started saying things like "why do you hate me, what did I do to you" etc. etc.  Rachel said "I don't hate you, I don't know what you're talking about."  And then she said "is it possible that you're being over sensitive."  Annie sort gave an exasperated sigh and headed back to the yard.  Rachel was walking back toward the cabana room, and turned and gave a little "bye-bye" wave.  It seemed odd to me when she did it, and I thought it was directed at the camera.  Apparently Annie thought it was directed at her.  (As in "bye-bye, you're outta here.")

rachel annie

Then the explosion began.  Annie started telling anyone who would listen (and some who wouldn't) her version of what had happened.  The story got a little more dramatic with each retelling.  She ended up saying Rachel had said things like "it's all in your head" and "are you sure you're okay?"  I didn't hear any of that, but I could have missed it.

Brendon was in the DR for the main event and when he came out, Annie was perched by the door and dragged him into the bedroom to tell him all about it.  Rachel, meanwhile, was hanging out in the cabana room.  Annie started saying things about how they'd better call her to the DR before she did something to get herself thrown out of the house (implying physical violence).  When she did get called to the DR, Brendon went and found Rachel.


And proposed?  No, seriously, he just happened to be sitting when she got up to leave the room.  He tried to get her to stay and talk but she didn't want to.  She went and camped out in the have-not room.  He eventually went and found her and talked with her for a while, ultimately making her feel better that he was still on her side.

But then when I'm right in the middle of watching the Annie drama on one feed, I notice on the quad feed that there's some frantic gesturing going on on another.  So, I hop over there and come in on some argument between Lane and Andrew.  It seems Lane said something to Andrew, Andrew said he didn't like Lane's "sarcasm" and Lane thought Andrew was implying he (L.) had caused the Annie/Rachel fight somehow.  So, Lane wanders into the bathroom and tells the crew in there that Andrew was saying Lane was "stirring up drama." By the time I was listening they were screaming back and forth (well, technically only Andrew was yelling; I don't think Lane has a volume above "mellow") about whether Andrew had used the word "drama" or not. Lane acknowledged that he hadn't, which put Andrew onto "see I just got him to admit that he lied!"  Matt/Enzo/Britney tried to get out of Andrew what he actually said, but that just got him yelling at them.  It was honestly very odd.

didnot didtoo

Meanwhile, Kathy/Monet had escaped to HOH and eventually Britney came up and retold the tales of what went on downstairs.  Her re-enactments were as entertaining as the fights themselves.  All of this is worth a tour on Flashback.  The actual Annie/Rachel encounter was around 7:45 BBT.  The Andrew/Lane bathroom fight ended around 8:15 BBT.  I'm not sure when it started.  And Britney's re-enactments were around 8:30-8:45.

catty here's what happened

The CattyGirls think Annie may have completely fabricated the whole thing.  Something really happened, but she did take full advantage and embellished quite a bit.  The CGs also think Andrew is just crazy.  Since I didn't see the original incident I have no idea on that, but by the time of the bathroom fight he had definitely left his listening skills behind and wasn't making a lot of sense.

Oh, and earlier in the day we had bikini-clad bean bag tosses and bath buddies....

 bagtoss bathbuddies

hi5 kini

Lines of the Day 

Ragan: What if in a Big Brother first, Julie Chen was topless during the liveshow?
Britney: She (Annie) looks at the camera and goes 'this is for you Jen.'  And everyone's going 'who's Jen? her alter-ego?' 
Kathy: She's saying "he's only known her for 4 days," but we all know we've been here for about 10 years. 
Britney: Great.  The twist is we're in here with 3 or 4 psychopaths. 
Ragan: It just got real. 

Enzo's hat that he wore the first night has been missing for a couple of days.  When talking about making up games/finding things to do: 

Andrew: Where's Enzo's hat? That's a game.
Matt: Where is it?
Andrew: I don't know, it's gotta be in someone's room....Julie Chen will be wearing it during the liveshow. 

ragan hoh

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