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bring it on

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posted Friday, 30 July 2010

As usual for a BB Friday, most everyone rotated in and out of HOH to plead their case, or, if they felt safe, someone else's.  Co-HOH Brendon was on hand most of the day, making deals with most of them saying if "we" don't nominate you this week, will you promise not to nominate us?

brendon rachel

Kristen gets the longest audience, and she gets it solo with Rachel.  They go 'round and 'round about the fights last night, the deals they had during Rachel's first HOH.  Rachel makes some vague statements about how she could choose nominations that would make it easier for Hayden/Kristen to stay.  She also talks a lot about "fighting" for it.


We come back from nomination land right into the middle of Brendon berating Rachel about her nom. speech.  He keeps repeating that her speech was mean and that she shouldn't have said "bring it on."  He feels they were somewhat sympathetic before, but now everyone is going to see them as arrogant and malicious.  He also tells her that he didn't want her talking to Kristen alone for so long because he didn't have a chance to talk to her about her plans and that if she'd told him what she was going to say, he would have told her not to.  He also tells her that she needs to apologize.

brendon rach

This goes on for about 20 minutes without Rachel saying a single word.  She's giving Brendon quite a glare.  He really was being horribly obnoxious, and I kept waiting for her to smack him....or at least say "it's my HOH bitch. STFU."  She finally tries to get up to leave and he pulls her back down to her chair.  She tells him she has to go get something from the DR and he reluctantly lets her go.


Rachel does go into the DR for a minute, and then she pops in to the Taj room where Hayden/Kristen/Kathy are commiserating, and does apologize.  Sort of.  She says it's nothing personal, just game, and that it was really just for TV.  Hayden scoffs at that.  Rachel says something like "sorry if you don't believe me" and leaves.  Kristen points out to Hayden that they are in a dangerous spot.  They have a chance at POV, but even if one of them comes off the block, they have to think about who Rachel will use as the repl-nom.

kristen kathy

Hayden takes that to heart and goes up to HOH to accept the apology.  Rachel seems most concerned about making clear that Brendon had nothing to do with the noms or what she said and that he shouldn't be targeted for what she's done.  Hayden mentions that Brendon came and apologized for Rachel.


Later on Brendon comes up to HOH and Rachel tells him that he shouldn't be apologizing for her and that she's playing her own game, but protecting him at the same time.  He sighs and tells her that she should tell him what her plans are, etc.  He keeps talking about how he's afraid of being separated from her.  There's something about all this that seems uncomfortably like an abusive relationship to me.  He's got some serious control issues. And some major insecurities.


They also played a luxury comp. today and some of them won a movie viewing.  I really don't I have no details.  Rachel's convinced it's going to be shown tonight.  I'm not so sure.  I'm pretty sure they usually do movies on Sundays.  POV will be tomorrow.  Apparently they saw some sort of plinko apparatus and they're thinking that's what the comp. will be.  There may be a practice set up in the BY tonight.  We'll know when we know.

matt britney lane

Lines of the Day 

Hayden: All because of a little showmance.... 
Kristen: We might as well make the most of this week. 
Rachel: Brendon, this is not a nice's not fucking hold hands and sing kumbaya. 
Brendon: You want to be a team, but then you want to go off and do things on your own without telling me.  If you're going to do stuff like that, you need to tell me. 
Rachel: I didn't even say anything that bad.  I said 'bring it on.'   I mean, in retrospect, it's kind of funny.
Matt: Casper's like the nicest cartoon character.  Those guys that chase him around. those 3 dickheads are total pricks.  But Casper's a good dude, he helps people.  Casper the Friendly Ghost, it's in his name!
[I have no idea why he was saying this, but it was fantastic juxtaposition to the arguing going on at the same time between Brendon and Rachel.]
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