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posted Saturday, 31 July 2010

The POV comp was a BB classic--some sort of pollyanna exchange, with both prizes and punishments, with a game thrown in.  The game was a pinball theme that they got to practice on last night.  They come back from trivialand and we find out the following results:

  • Rachel won $5K
  • Enzo won a TV
  • Ragan won a veto pass (whatever that is)
  • Hayden's in "solitary confinement" in the HN room for 24 hours
  • Kristen has to wear a "hippie unitard" for the rest of the week
  • Britney won the POV 
It really couldn't have gone much worse for the two nominees.  They have hatched a bit of a plan to try to talk Britney into using the veto.  Their idea is that if they can get Kathy nom'ed, they both have a chance of staying.  I think they only way they have a hope of that plan working is if they go to Rachel first, get her on board, and then together bring the plan to Britney.
But there is almost zero chance of that coming to pass.  Instead Kristen is looking likely to join the long list of HGs to be kicked in a costume.  For now, we can just be amused by the punishments.  Kristen comes out in her outfit, and handles it better than most of the catsuit condemned (no one will ever take it as well as BB8 Jen, but Kristen has a pretty good attitude).  They're all more amused by the "Mrs. Roper" wig as much as the suit.  Hayden's stuck in his cell, so Kristen and Kathy attempt to describe the suit to him.  He's now looking forward to release even more. 
brit hippie kristen
officer kathy the prisoner
hoh co-hoh
matt enzo ragan


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