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at least we know that much

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posted Sunday, 1 August 2010

Just some quick comments....the "other job" took over today.

First, the show.  The post-HOH smackdown was pretty entertaining.  I kind of wish they'd shown more of the spectator's actual reactions, not just their DR reactions, but it was still good.  And I'm so glad they showed the original conversation between Rachel and Kristen, which proved that Kristen is 100% telling the truth and Rachel's either lying more mis-remembering.  I'm actually giving her the benefit of the doubt and going with mis-remembering.  She's so convinced that everyone is after her and HER MAN that she can't imagine that someone isn't targeting them.  And the luxury comp. was entertaining if for no other reason than it was yet one more comp. that Kathy sucked at.

I haven't seen much of the feeds today, so all I have is that they let Hayden out of not-so-solitary confinement several hours early, probably at least in part so that he could go to the movie.  On the show they'll probably make it seem like those 2 things happened on entirely different days.


In other news, I believe Kristen is still making her pitch to Britney to use the POV.  While I'd love to see her use it and stir things up a bit more, I'm not expecting it.  But you never know.

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