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things almost got interesting

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posted Monday, 2 August 2010

For a few hours last night, it almost seemed like Kristen and Hayden had worked out a deal with Britney to use the POV.  The plan was that Brit/Hayden would go to Rachel/Brendon and promise them all sorts of deals, if they would agree to nom Kathy in Hayden's place after Britney veto'ed him.


By the end of all their chatting, it sounded like it was a go.  But as soon as Rachel got outside of the Hayden persuasion bubble she realized it was not a good deal for her.  She wants Kristen to G-O go.  So this morning she told Britney that if she veto'ed Hayden, Lane would go up in his place to ensure that Kristen got kicked.

lane kathy

Britney didn't want to risk having one of her allies nom'ed, even if he'd probably be safe, so she backed out of the whole deal.  It probably is the smartest move for both Britney and Rachel, but I was hoping for some real drama.  Keeping Kristen around is better for us, now that she's ready to really take on Rachel.  


Kristen is on the campaign trail, going around to everyone with the point that she's worth keeping basically to piss off Rachel.  She's being careful not to be anti-Hayden, just pro-herself.  He's not really campaigning from what I can see, but then he's pretty sure he doesn't need to.  He's got the bro-gade and Brendon at the very least so he feels safe.  It seems clear the whole veto deal was only to save Kristen.  Hayden would have liked to see it work out, but at the end of the day, he'll be happy that he survived the week.

prayer hayden

I'd almost like to see Hayden kicked this week, just to take the bro-gade down a notch.  They really think they're running the whole show, and the truth is that they kind of are.  Not only do they have each other's backs with no one realizing it, but they've each got a known side-alliance.  The side-ies mean that if one of them gets nom'ed they're likely to be against their known ally (as Hayden is with Kristen) not their bro-allies.  So, they're pretty complacent for now.


And just like Matt's disease-lie, since no one outside of those invested in keeping the secret knows the secret no one is likely to spill.  The only way it could come out is if 2 of them do end up nom'ed together and one figures it's better to tell the rest of the house about the 'gade to save himself.  And even that seems unlikely because whoever does stay in the running for the big prize would lose 3 jury votes by outing the bro-gade.


If nothing else they gave CBS lots of misdirection-fodder for Wednesday's show. 


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