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what's love got to do with it?

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posted Tuesday, 3 August 2010

It was another campaign day in the BB house.  It's all pretty pointless because the bro-gade isn't going to kick their 4th.  The rest of them did have a talk today about having an intervention with Hayden once Kristen was gone, but there's no way they'd kick him.  So Kristen would have to get all the rest of them to stay, and that's just not happening.  She's convinced herself it's going to be close, but I'm guessing not so much.

kristen heyden

So since that's more of the same, let's flashback to last night and the latest fight for our favorite dysfunctional RELATIONSHIP couple.  They got a little booze delivery, and as usual Rachel indulged.  She was telling all sorts of crazy Vegas stories about people spending more on a bottle of alcohol that most of us would spend on an house.

matt enzo

Brendon got a little irritated with her tales of random guys and decided to go outside.  But after a few minutes the party girl followed him.  There was a very funny moment with Ragan and Matt who were sitting inside and listening to the screaming.  At first they thought it was an actual fight, but quickly realized it was just Rachel yelling "wha-wha-wha VEGAS! wha-wha-wha VEGAS!"  She apparently also flashed the crowd, but I didn't actually see it, so I can't say for sure if it really happened.


Next thing we know Rachel and Brendon are up in the HOH bathroom and he's lecturing her yet again on....well, something.  He was mostly going on about how she sounds like a spokesmodel for the Vegas tourism board and that he's tired of hearing about it.  He seemed particularly annoyed that even when he left the room the Tales of Vegas followed him.  At first he just seemed to be saying that she needed to pick a new topic, but then his real issue became clear.


He's afraid that she loves Vegas more than she loves him. He starts whining about how she's never going to want to leave Vegas and come live in LA with him because she loves it so much.  For most of this Rachel's just giving him her typical fight face of the glare/pout look that she has.  When she finally speaks up she says that yes, she loves Vegas, in fact she IS Vegas.  But she also says that she's willing to leave Vegas for him and he should realize that proves her love for him.


He's still all whiney about how he loves her so much and she's more than just Vegas and he doesn't like hearing all her stories about guys and booze.  Then Rachel comes out with the line of the fight:

Love is unconditional, Brendon and I don't think you know what that means.

Oh snap!  But just when you think she's finally going to tell him to grow up, it turns back into a whine-fest.  And Rachel dives right into it with things like "well maybe you should date a girl who goes to UCLA" *sniffle*.  And before long they've somehow made up and are all kissy-kissy again and he's talking about how this is clearly not a Showmance because they have real fights and that's what people in relationships do.  Run Rachel, run! 


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