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rest up, might be endurance

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posted Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I pretty much have nothing for you today.  About all I got out of the show is that now I know what Ragan's "veto ticket" is.  I did find it entertaining how they were passing the $5K around like a hot potato.  

It's basically a done deal that Kristen's getting kicked tomorrow.  The HGs have been on lockdown since early, early this morning.  That means a complicated setup for tomorrow which probably equals endurance.  It's the right week for it this time--they usually have the first end. comp. the week they start the jury.  So, let's hope for a good one.  And for anyone but Brendon to win.  He's convinced it's going to be one of those "race to fill a bowl" type comps and that he's got something like that wrapped up.  But it would be nice to see someone new in power...not more Brenchel and not the Bro-gade.  Personally, I'm rooting for Britney.

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