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poor bigfoot

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posted Thursday, 5 August 2010

Kristen was kicked in costume by a 6-1 vote, and got to trot out to Julie to have her suspicions about the bro-grade confirmed.  After a not at all dramatic eviction, we moved on to what turned out to be a not at all dramatic endurance comp.

end comp

They spun around on a paint can getting bathed in color and all starting to look a little like the hippie-catsuit.  We had an extra long feed block, coming back around 36 minutes into the comp to find Kathy and Enzo already off.  I immediately went out on a limb and guessed Kathy fell first, making her the lone have-nottie for the week.  That was later confirmed by the rest of them.  Apparently Kathy "offered" to take the nottie spot. 


Almost right after the feeds come back Brendon falls.  He goes straight into a rant about how the comp. was unfair to people with big feet.  It was particularly funny after he spent hours last night explaining how he had an advantage in physical comps over each and every one of them.  Lane was too big, Ragan was too weak, Matt never works out, Enzo doesn't want it enough, Britney's too little, Hayden doesn't have endurance....etc. etc.  But now that he's lost it's so unfaaaaair that BB geared the comp toward the small-footed. 


hayden brit lane

About 10 minutes later Hayden, Britney and Lane tumble off 1-2-3 and we're left with Ragan and Matt once again.  They'd also ended up right next to each other again, and had a quick chat agreeing that Ragan would drop, Matt will nom Rachel/Brendon and if the POV is used Kathy will be the repl-nom.  Ragan claimed he really was struggling, but it still took him about another 15 minutes to jump off.


So, after just over an hour (1:02 by my clock) Matt wins the second endurance HOH of BB12 and we have another re-run.  They all go in to shower and get all the "paint" removed.  Rachel goes into the post-HOH depression.  Brendon comes to talk to her and they end up snipeing at each other a bit.  Right after he fell off in HOH she told him not to worry about it, and said "just win the POV."  This "hurt his feelings" and he went to sulk in the corner.  Now that he wants to talk she says he's being insensitive to her feelings.

poor poor rachel

The bro-gade has already has some quick check-ins, as have Ragan/Hayden, Matt/Britney and Britney/Lane.  They all seem to agree that Rach/Brendon go up.  Most of them want Brendon kicked if possible, though Ragan and Matt both plant seeds about maybe kicking Rachel since she's got a better chance to win the next HOH.


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