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the box, the block, and the backstabotool

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posted Friday, 6 August 2010

There's been a bit of action in the BB house today.  There was really no question about noms, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been some mystery to deal with.

brit lane

Matt chose to open Pandora's box, and claims that he won a dollar.  As proof he has a nice little laminated card.  Of course, it looks remarkably like the card he got from the first HOH comp.  Even he said he thought BB had just taken the card out of his bag and reused it.  Personally, I wonder if he's not covering up what he really got.  And by saying himself that it's the same card, he prevents anyone else from "discovering" it.


Meanwhile, it's likely that Ragan's been told he's been selected as the new StaboTool.  After 4 weeks of being pretty happy-go-lucky and everyone's friend, he's suddenly stirring things up a bit and getting into fights with former bff Rachel.  Rachel and Britney also got into a bit of a tiff that quite possibly was instigated by the brand new StaboTool.

stabotool is back 

Realtime update: Even as I was writing this, a StaboTool video came on and now they're all debating what it means, is it true, why would anyone accept it, how much is production allowed to interfere in the game, etc.

Enzo: Fuck the Saboteur.  I wanna go work out.
Britney: Last time I was on that boat: they can't make stuff up.  But they did!
Brendon: I never put anything past Big Brother.
Matt: We can start making saboteur jokes again.
Ragan: I think that behaviorally....we all know each other...if someone starts acting fucking weird we're all going to know. 
Enzo: I wouldn't accept to be the saboteur. 
enzo hayden 

So here we go again.

Oh, and Matt nominated Rachel and Brendon.  They'll presumably have a veto comp. tomorrow, quite possibly with guest host Jeff. 


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