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there's no crying in big brother

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posted Saturday, 7 August 2010

Late last night the HGs got a chance to practice for today's veto comp, which had some sort of a bowling theme to it.  Brendon and Rachel stayed up late, late, late working on it.  This morning, they drew players and Britney, Kathy, and Enzo were picked to play.  Ragan also played due to his Veto Ticket from last week.


Apparently at some point after they disappeared behind the trivia the doorbell rang, and their special guest hosts Jeff and Jordan arrived.  As always when former hamsters visit the habitat, they all tried to figure out how they are perceived on the outside from the formers' comments and reactions.

hayden enzo

It seems the veto was a pick 2 elimination style and Rachel was the first to pick.  She chose to go against Kathy, and Kathy beat her.  It seems someone then knocked Brendon out, and the rest of them just played through until Britney won her 3rd veto of the season.  At this rate she's making a real run for a Veto Queen title.

veto queen 

Shortly after they come back in Rachel asks Kathy to come speak to her in the cabana room.  They go in and Rachel starts telling Kathy that her behavior at the comp. was terrible.  She's saying she's upset at Kathy for cheering for everyone, and especially for cheering when Rachel was eliminated.  Basically, she means she's mad that Kathy beat her.  Kathy just says she's not going to listen to the lecture and goes back to the kitchen.  Rachel follows her and demands an apology.  Kathy points out that Rachel chose to face off against Kathy because she figured she'd be easy to beat.  Rachel admits that it's true.  So then Kathy points out that Rachel's basically asking her to apologize for not sucking. 


This continues for a while and at relatively high volume. Everyone's in the kitchen, except Ragan and Britney who are up in HOH.  Britney stands in the doorway and listens to the whole fight, and relays it all to Ragan. It's a very public fight and Rachel definitely comes off as a bit of a nut case.  How can someone demand an apology for something like that in BB?  Especially someone who has been winning comps and screaming about it herself, and cheering on HER MAN at every opportunity.


It's not entirely clear whether Rachel played this all out to try to start steering the house one way or another for voting purposes.  I kind of don't think so.  I think she just thinks it's all about her and she really can't believe that things are going down the way that they are.  She's been crying pretty much since Matt won HOH.


After Brit got the veto, Brendon/Rachel did talk to her a bit about using it.  She pretty much flat out said no because it would put her in such a bad position.  She also told Rachel yesterday that it didn't really matter if one of them comes off the block, the remaining one would still be voted out.  So the "showmance will be torn apart" one way or the other.


We're in for a long week.  We may very well get continued campaigning to try to get Britney to veto one of them, and who knows what StaboTool Ragan might get going.  And no matter what, we're in for a lot of crying and pleading and sob stories about how they're so in love and how horrible it will be to be apart. 

stabo lanebrit

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