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i'd do that for a diamond pov

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posted Sunday, 8 August 2010

We were all right about Matt's dollar being his re-run of a previous prize, and that he really had something much better.  This time around, the Diamond POV is actually meaningfully different.  The last time it was introduced was for the Final 4 round of BB4.  In final 4 being able to "pick the replacement" isn't meaningful....there's only one eligible nominee not already on the block, so if a nom is vetoed, the replacement is a default choice.

diamond dude 

But if Matt ends up using the Di-POV next week (there's almost no chance he'll need/want to use it this week), picking a replacement would be an actual choice.  It's a little bit odd to give the current HOH this power, since the HOH picks the repl-nom if the normal POV is used.  The only time the Di-POV would be useful to the HOH is if he/she wanted the POV used and the actual winner didn't want to use it.  Which almost never happens.  If Matt wanted Brit to veto Brendon or Rachel he could probably talk her into it.

golden girl 

Anyway.  On to the other end of Pandora's box....StaboTool 2.0.  This is continuing to be a dud of a twist.  The HGs got another message today.  This one said something about Brendon throwing challenges to make himself seem like less of a threat than Rachel.  The other HGs figured that this is supposed to make them turn on Brendon, but say they aren't biting.  They've all come to the conclusion that everything the StaboTool says is utter crap.  Apparently it hasn't occurred to any of them that the Tool is sitting right there listening to and participating in all these convos and knows how they will likely react.


It's also not at all clear what the real goal of the message is or how it's supposed to StaboTool anyone. They've all come to the conclusion that Rachel is the better player of the duo and that she's the one to kick on Thursday.  It would take some pretty creative Tooling to get the house to flip and kick Brendon.  I can't help but hope that something does flip them around.  Solo Rachel would be so much more entertaining that solo Brendon.


Despite the tiny fractures starting to show in the Bro-gade on tonight's show (mainly comments from the rest of them about Enzo) I'm really starting to think there's no way the Bro-boys aren't going to run away with this thing.  Now that they've all made jury, they're unlikely to turn on each other.  If one of them betrayed the alliance, even if he ended up in the finals he wouldn't have the jury votes of the others.  The only real threat they have is if 2 of them end up on the block against each other, the remaining 2 would have to decide whom to keep.

hayden enzo lane

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