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Julie Chen will come between her and HER MAN

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posted Monday, 9 August 2010

To absolutely no one's surprise, Britney did not use the veto.  It sounds like Brendon attempted to give some sort of wacky speech in an attempt to "pull an Andrew" and get the house to flip on him and keep Rachel.  They're not buying it, though they are trying to lead the Showmance to believe she's staying so he won't be prepared for HOH, etc.  So it's now a certainty that one of them will be kicked out to Julie on Thursday.


Speaking of Julie, there was a great bit on the feeds last night when Britney, Ragan and Hayden decided to put on a mock talk show with advice for future houseguests.  Hayden came up with the excellent rule of WWJD: What Would Julie Chen Do?  Britney asks things like: "Would Julie Chen walk around in a bikini that is 3 sizes too small?  I don't think so...."  It was very funny, and worth a visit on flashback.


And the foot-fetish cam operator gave us an amusing shot of Matt's footie pajamas. (sorry, that's the best we've got for you right now.)


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