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rules were made to be broken

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posted Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The last couple of nights some the HGs have been suggesting rules for future hamsters.  Following on the theme of rules, Rachel went on a bit of a mission last night.  She started talking about how BB can't lie to them and that if one were to ask the right questions in the DR the truth about Pandora's box might become clear.


She even went to the rule book and checked the rules on privacy, specifically whether BB can go through the HGs luggage.  Now, earlier Matt had told the Bro-gade boys that he thought Rachel went through his suitcase.  I have no idea if he really thinks this, much less if it really happened. (I'm kind of leaning toward it's another of Matt's lies--mainly because when was Rachel ever alone in his HOH room?) 


What Rachel is really wondering about is the recycled dollar card.  She's thinking if she can "prove" that the card isn't what came out of PB then she'll have proven....something.... It's pretty obvious (I think) that Matt lied.  Matt could probably score some points with the bro-gade by admitting that he got something more than the dollar, and just saying that he can't say what it is, but it's nothing for them to worry about.

bro1 bro3 bro2 bro4

(These caps were not necessarily intended as proof of the Bro-gade's need for the alliance team shirts that they keep asking for.) 

So in other news, Ragan StaboTool 2.0 has done NOTHING to stabotool the house as far as I can tell.  The most he does is talk trash about Rachel and Brendon, but that's hardly Tooly.  The most Tool-like thing he could do would be to somehow flip the vote around so that Rachel stays on Thursday.  They're all absolutely right that Brendon probably won't win HOH, especially if he's mentally prepared to walk out and then his LOVE gets kicked instead.  So it's best for the rest of them for Brendon to stay, therefore most StaboTool-ish to keep Rachel. 


But don't count on it.  I still say the Vegas odds are that Rachel will be outta there on Thursday. 

 britney kathy

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