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show-mance 'em how it's done

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posted Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Knowing that Jeff and Jordan would be making an appearance on the show tonight I had planned today's entry to be all about how J/J did the showmance right and how B/R could learn a thing or...twelve from them.  But....I'm going to have to save that because....I haven't laughed so hard at a BB episode ever.

lane brit 

First, Rachel's melodrama in the DR with the fake crying.  Please.  I'm a better actress than that.  And then I swear she was trying not to laugh when Brendon was giving his "I'll be your knight in shining armor" speech.


Brendon, on the other hand, is 100% serious when he talks about how he can't stand the thought of being separated and he's so in love and blah, blah, blah (gag) blah, blah, blah. 

 on the block

The build-up to the veto comp. was great for TV.  BB couldn't have asked for a better setup for suspense for the TVOVs.  The late night practice and sheer determination that B/R were proclaiming, right down to Brendon's declaration that they should just give him the POV now was perfect to foreshadow their downfall.  And even for the livefeeders who knew the outcome, we still didn't know quite what a slaughter of the Gruesome Twosome it had been and that made it entertaining to watch.  Also we got to see how the various incidents, like Brendon throwing the ball "at" Jeff and Jordan, played out.  And whiney Brendon on the loveseat was hysterical.  I'm sure that somehow the comp was biased against people with big feet.

it's not faaaaaaaaaaaaaair 

And, of course, we got to see Kathy cheer for herself.  It actually was nice to see her finally win something, even if it was just one round.  Despite what she says, I really don't think she's holding back in the comps.  Once Brendon and Rachel were both out of the comp, it was just fun to watch.  And Ragan's color commentary made it even cuter.


I thought the fight between Rachel and Kathy was pretty fairly portrayed.  They got almost all of the significant Kathy/Rachel lines.  The only things they really glossed over were the comments from Brendon and Hayden's points about how Rachel had behaved a lot worse after the last comp that she won.

hayden winner 

And then the real fun began with the veto meeting.  With everything from deciding to overrule Britney's request that he speak first, Brendon just looked like a giant tool.  He then proceeded to reveal that he is in fact, just as bad an actor as Rachel.  No one was buying his act to get himself evicted, and especially with his recycled lines.  It was bad enough when he was stealing from Jeff ("you got got!") but now he's stealing from Andrew ("I'm coming after you; please use the veto on me").  For his eviction night speech I'm predicting this line: "There's another relationship in the house, it's a romantic relationship and it's Matt and....Ragan.  They've been together every night in HOH and doing stuff."  You heard it here first.

copycat lover

And finally, speaking of Tools....StaboTool Ragan is "taking YOUR suggestions, America"? Are you kidding me?  He's only being given pre-screened suggestions, and he's not taking them anyway.  He's doing exactly what he wants.  I miss the original Tool concept...where we get to vote on actual meaningful game actions and the Tool has to do what we say.  Then we might get some real StaboTooling.


In other news, they got their halfway party.  I think we're actually a bit past the halfway point.  I believe today is day 40 of 75 of the season (though it is day 34 of 69 of the feeds...).


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