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hugs all a....oh, wait

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posted Thursday, 12 August 2010

After a relatively uneventful liveshow (Rachel was evicted 6-0, we heard from Brendon's ex who not at all shockingly doesn't think he's good boyfriend material) they went out for a mini-end comp for HOH.  It was a slight variation on the FF veto from BB7, untangling a rope in a race to a button. (That BB7 comp is one of my all time favorites ever because it's the one comp that Will actually came close to winning.)


As soon as the feeds came back, it was clear that Brendon had a massive lead.  Kathy, Britney and Ragan were legitimately struggling with the heavy rope.  Enzo was way back with Kathy and being very vocal about how much the comp. sucked, but I'm not convinced he was really trying.  Lane and Hayden were the only ones remotely challenging Brendon, but I really didn't feel like either of them really wanted to win.

lanes winner

It's an interesting week for the Bro-gade.  For Lane/Enzo/Hayden having Brendon in power isn't a problem.  He's not going to nom any of the three of them and they'll have complete control over the vote as a threesome.  It allows them to keep the Bro-gade intact, but also preserve Brendon's jury vote.

meowmeow hayden

Matt, of course, isn't in any danger either.  Not only does he have the Bro boys behind him, but he's got the Diamond POV as a last resort.  If he does end up having to use the DPOV it could put a tiny fracture in the Bro-gade.


After Brendon does win HOH, we go to bubbleland for a bit and when we come back it's Ragan, Britney and Matt in the Have Nottie room.  The noms will also surely come from that crew.  They've already had a little chat about how the best scenario for them is to have whichever of the 3 isn't nom'ed win the POV, save someone and then vote out whomever Brendon puts up as the repl. nom.

hoh hider

And that's the only scenario where I see the DPOV being used for sure: If Brendon noms, say, Matt and Ragan, Brit wins POV and saves Ragan and Brendon repl-noms one of the Bro-Boys, Matt will take himself down and put Kathy up.  If it's Britney vs. Ragan on Thursday, I don't see Matt saving either of them and risking pissing off the Bro-gade.  And if it's Matt vs. Brit or Ragan, he might very well put his faith in the Bro-Boys and not reveal what he really got from Pandora's Box.

I suspect BB wants things to play out in a way that gets Matt to use the DPOV...otherwise it's just another dud of a twist.  And frankly, I'd like to see that too.  I'd also much rather see Kathy go next over Ragan or Britney.

brit ragan

So, poor, lonely Brendon is HOH without his princess to hug him.  He does have Enzo/Hayden/Lane/Kathy being relatively friendly to him, but there's no major sucking up going on.  Ragan and Britney are both in tears, and Matt's trying to act at least a little worried.  In truth, he's completely safe.  And if Ragan can go "undetected" as the StaboTool for another week, he's $20K richer even if he's kicked next.


Speaking of the turns out it's a total recycle. I've been finding the feeds so dull at times recently that I started watching the BB1 episodes on youtube.  That's the only season I didn't watch at all when it was originally on.  And here it turns out that it's where the true original Saboteur showed up.  When there were 4 HGs left BB had them pick cards to assign roles: 1 saboteur and 3 "agents."  The sab was given a task by BB (set the clock back 30 minutes each day).  If he went undetected he won the challenge, if one of the agents correctly identified who it was and what they were doing the agent won.  The prize was pretty lame--you get to take home the TV from the house.  But then again, it was BB1...everything was a bit ghetto back then.

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