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captain kosher to the rescue

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posted Thursday, 29 July 2010

We've been needing something to stir up the drama, and Andrew delivered with his parting words.  By outing the Hayden/Kristen showmance, he has managed to create a real fracture in the house.  And even though no one knows about the Bro-gade yet, the target on H/K puts them in the game.

hay kris

As soon as the feeds come back we have a little Brenchel conference going on.  Rachel's apologizing for losing it at the end of the HOH comp, and Brendon's telling her it's okay, just try and calm down now and play smart.  Rachel's already on the Hate-Kristen campaign trail talking about how she's sooo mean.

bren rach

We already have a parade of HOH sucking up.  Britney comes in and tells Rachel they'll take a bubble bath later (and surely trash talk Kristen).  Kathy goes and comforts both Hayden and Kristen, but later is sure to tell Brendon/Rachel that he was just trying to keep peace in the house.  And I'll wager she'll be in bed (literally) with them again this week.

kath brit

The Bro-gade has a few little chats to assure each other that they're still all good, so long as it doesn't end up with 2 of them on the block.  Rachel has all but said she'll be nom'ing Kristen and Hayden (and she has said def. Kristen).  They're already all talking about post-POV scenarios, but it's way premature for that.

enzo lane matt

Hayden does go and have a chat with Rachel, and she tells him it's all about Kristen.  She in fact tells him that Kristen is bad for him and that his parents wouldn't like her.  (Huh?)  He apologizes for calling her stupid during the arguments and says he said things in the heat of the moment that he didn't mean.  A bit later Rachel comes to Kristen gives her almost the same apology.  Kristen does not accept.


So, it took me 3 weeks to notice that Britney flashes her ring when she votes (at least I assume she's always done it).  And for the 3rd week running, Rachel managed to slip a comment about coming between her and her MAN into her goodbye message.  Look for that every single week.  And try not to gag.


Lines of the Day 

Hayden: Where I grew up, like in the country, if you have a confrontation with someone you don't talk about it.  It's more physical. 
Britney: I hope the rest of the week will be okay.
Kristen: I'm telling you right now, it won't be.  She picked the wrong girl to fuck with. 
Rachel: Kristen, I just wanted to apologize for the heat of the moment....
Kristen: No, it wasn't the heat of the moment, you meant what you said.  Apology not accepted and it never will be. 

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