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posted Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Andrew started the day by going off on Kristen and Kathy, saying that he knew they were "playing him like a fiddle."  He was especially focused on Kristen, saying that he knew what she was up to, etc. etc.


Kristen and Kathy had hatched a plan after the veto meeting to have Kristen continue to let Andrew believe that she would be voting for him to stay, but say that she was just spending time with Kathy as a friendly gesture to make sure she wasn't alone for her "last few days" in the house.


But seriously.  Andrew's not an idiot and he's figured out that his little veto meeting performance has backfired on him.  In an attempt to recover from that, he called a "house meeting" this afternoon.  It was nothing like last week's meeting since it's not a remotely original idea at this point.  In fact, before sitting down, Enzo said he had to go change his shirt b/c he was wearing the same thing he'd worn at the last meeting. 


Basically, Andrew just got all choked up and sort of apologized for the fiddle comment, saying that it's just rough being a Nottie and a Nommie.  He also tried again to explain that he had just been trying to take a page from Matt's book at the veto meeting and go right after Brendon/Rachel.  Nobody's buying it still.  And it just reinforces one of mybbpov's rules: play your own game. 

andrew matt

Last night Britney found a new Catty Girl buddy in Rachel.  They took a multi-hour co-bubble bath and spent much of the time trashing Kristen.  Meanwhile, Rachel keeps telling stories about crazy Vegas style "dates" with going to Hawaii or Tahiti, Paris, Rome with some basically random guy.  Then there's the guy that bought her a Cartier diamond ring after knowing her for 3 days.  She keeps complaining that she doesn't really like it.  But yet....she took it.  (Her stories really put the super-fast hookup with Brendon into perspective.)  I figure this all will come back from Britney in a Catty Girl session with Kristen or Kathy at some point.

bubbles rach brit

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