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posted Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I haven't been listening to the feeds much for the last few days.  I've had them up and I've technically been watching, but most of the time, I've had them on mute.  I've always had issues with certain sounds (chewing, hairdryers, etc.) being irritating.  It also drives me crazy when they get super-whispery and I can't hear actual words just lots of "psssht-psssht-psssht."  And finally, there are always a few HGs I just don't want to hear from.  Being whiney is the best way to end up on my automatic-mute list.


The point of all this is that for as little time as I've had sound on recently, I've heard Kathy say "it hurt my feelings" an amazingly high number of times.  I believe she's talking about Andrew campaigning against her. My immediate thought is "come on!  You're on BB.  If you're going to get your feelings hurt, you never should have signed up for this."  Especially if you're going to get your feelings hurt by legitimate game play.  Kathy and Andrew did have a sort of non-campaign agreement, but that doesn't mean he should just lay down and die.  And she's certainly been throwing him under that proverbial bus.

 kathy andrew

I'm also getting tired of hearing them whine about the slop+ foods.  For the first few slop seasons, sloppers got slop, condiments, pickles and protein shakes.  And even when BB started adding bonus foods, it was things like giant lollipops.  This year they're actually getting real food.  But some of them are just whining about the baby food.  Ragan in particular keeps going on about how it has no nutritional value.  Huh?  It's baby food, it's nothing but nutritional value.  I finally figured out that I think his problem is the fat and carb content, since it's designed for fast growing infants, not adults.  Sure, it's not a recommended diet for grown-ups, but again, you signed up for this.


There's also been a lot of talk (this time outside the house) about Matt's disease lie.  It's even made it into more mainstream media like The View and the NY Post.  It's sparked this whole debate about whether or not it's unethical to lie about a loved one having a disease in order to win a reality show. Of course it's unethical! It's reality TV.  People lie about everything to try to gain an edge in the game.  What I don't get is why groups like the Melorheostosis Association are so upset about it.  I guess I can understand how it may feel like someone is trivializing an issue that is anything but trivial to them.  On the other hand, now a ton more people have heard of melorheostosis.  And it's just one more way Matt is emulating Dr. Will....remember Will's cancer lie?  And even though he got outed by a banner plane, he still won the game.


Meanwhile, back in the house, Kathy's been trying to gain sympathy by reminding people she's a cancer survivor and hinting that she might get sick again.  She's been talking about how her previous chemo puts her at higher risk for leukemia (which is true).  But what she doesn't mention is that smoking is a much bigger risk factor. 

At this point, it's still leaning toward Andrew getting kicked on Thursday, but who knows.  Two days ago, he was pretty sure to stay, so it could easily flip around again. 

kristen hayden 

And Enzo helps me out a bit with a great line that fits in nicely with my theme here.  Rachel and Britney were having some argument about (I think) spending money on your kids, and we get this exchange: 

Rachel: I make a lot of money....I mean, not a lot, but I make enough and I could get 6 jobs if I wanted.  I just think if you have enough, you should give back to others.
Brendon: I agree.  But unfortunately we live in the United States.  People want to make more money to keep more. 
Rachel: Britney, I didn't mean to be like....I just mean that now for like Christmas and stuff we pick charities.
Britney: I know.  I was just saying that some people need that stuff. 

Then Enzo goes outside and says to Matt: 

Enzo: I had to get out of there.  Rachel's like 'I make a lot of money' and I'm like 'shut the fuck up.  What are we talking about? We're on Big Brother!'


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