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just when you thought it was safe

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posted Monday, 26 July 2010

It really seemed like we were in for a super quiet week.  POV ceremony would be today, but clearly Brendon wouldn't use it because if anyone came off the block, Rachel would surely go up.  Now, don't get too excited--he didn't use the POV.  But it seems there was some scheming going on, and now the house has flipped.

kathy pov andrew

Before the veto meeting, most everyone was for kick-Kathy.  They've all been saying how much the "love her" but they were figuring it would be better to keep Andrew b/c he's a better player and would go after Rachel/Brendon.  Well, it sounds like Andrew stood up at the veto meeting and said something about targeting them, but there was something about Rachel's reaction that made the rest of them think it was all an act.


And it probably was.  After the meeting Andrew popped in on Rachel/Brendon and said something about Rachel having "over-played" things.  But whatever the reality is, the perception is that Andrew's on Team BRachel, and now the rest of them hate him.  Already two of his biggest supporters, Kristen and Ragan, have declared that they're going with keep-Kathy now.  Ragan did admit that he realizes things can still flip back, so he's not going to commit too strongly. 

 kristin ragan

This is particularly good news for, of all people, Hayden.  The Bro-gade was already talking about kicking Andrew because, in Enzo's words, they're supposed to be all about the power move and how was getting rid of Kathy a Power Move? They were still a bit back and forth, but leaning that way.  Hayden's other alliance, however, was leaning strongly the other way.  So things were headed in a direction where he was maybe going to have to pick a side.

hayden lane enzo

And finally, pretty uneffected by the whole are Britney and Matt.  Brit was probably going to vote to kick-Andrew anyway.  They've had their issues all along and plus Kathy's the only one who stood by her when they were booting Monet.  And Matt, I'm more convinced than ever, couldn't care less who goes.  About the worst thing that could happen for him would be a tie vote.  Then he'd have to pick a side.  So as long as the house is swinging strongly to one side or the other, it's good for him.  And, if the rest of them are more convinced than ever that Brendon/Rachel are A Threat, that keeps him off the radar for a bit longer.

matt  britney

If it does happen to come to a tie, I think Matt would keep Andrew.  If he does have to vote, whoever he keeps will owe him, and I think he'd rather have Andrew, whom he believes can win comps, in his debt than Kathy.  In any case, it's not over yet, but things are looking much better for Kathy than they were 24 hours ago. 




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