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dead fish

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posted Monday, 23 August 2010

So, sure enough Bald Brendon vetoed himself, and Matt went up as the repl-nom.  Before the veto meeting, Matt made a last ditch effort to save himself by trying to convince Britney to put up Ragan.  Not only didn't she go for it, but she turned around and told Ragan.

cueball brit 

So now Ragan's super-pissed.  The rest of them have turned around and told Ragan that his campaigning on Matt's behalf has made him a Big Target.  Matt's trying to sort of backpedal by telling Ragan that he wasn't trying to get him nom'ed, but rather he was just trying to distance them from each, so that they weren't seen as an alliance. 


Matt also had a brief conversation with Lane about potentially keeping him.  Lane said he'd think about it and talk to Hayden, but I'm pretty sure that's all talk.  As of right now it looks like Matt's gone from having "a zero percent chance of being nominated in any capacity" (Britney's promise to him last Thursday) to a zero percent chance of staying in the game.

matt enzo

There's always that chance that things could swing again, but I'm not expecting it.  If Matt does manage to pull out a miracle, I'll let him have his title of "diabolical super-genius" back.  Otherwise, I say he's an idiot for not outing the Brigade and figuring out a way to use that to stay off the block.

hayden lane

There are dead fish in the fishtank and the HGs are pretty much just killing time.  Oh, and it's officially Britney's b-day, but as far as I've noticed, no one even thought to say Happy Birthday to her.  They celebrated last night, but you'd think they'd say something. 

happy birthday, britney 

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