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don't let them eat cake

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posted Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Line of the Day 

Matt (about the DPOV): Can I use it again this week? I promise it will be the last time.  I'll scrape off the last 3 sparkles and it will be the Plastic Power of Veto. 


We have some interesting campaign strategies in the house this week (I actually use the term "interesting" rather loosely, but anyway...).  Enzo's basically not campaigning, because he doesn't need to.  He's got Brendon's vote for sure, Hayden's about 99% and Lane's maybe 98%.  And if he needs Britney as a tiebreaker he's got her almost for sure.  There's no way Britney wants to send anyone off to the jury house personally, but if she has to choose, she'll kick Matt.

brit slop

The way I see it, if Enzo doesn't go this week, the RBG has F3 wrapped.  If Enzo makes it to F2, he's got the game, but he will probably have to take himself since Hayden and Lane both know they can't beat him.  I also think Enzo will have a hard time pulling off a final HOH win, which is why if Enzo doesn't go this week I think we're looking at a F2 of Hayden/Lane.  And that is why Enzo going this week is the best thing for continued entertainment.  If Matt goes, we will be left with an end game as dull as what we got from BB9. 

lane RBG penguin

As for Matt, I can't really figure out what he's doing.  He sort of seemed to make up with Ragan, but even Ragan's vote is uncertain.  He's told Matt several times that he has zero chance of staying.  He has even mentioned "voting with the house," but on the other hand has also talked about giving Matt a "sympathy vote."  Meanwhile Matt continues to talk to Hayden and Lane as if he believes the Bro-gade is still as intact as ever.  He's tried making arguments as to why he's a better bet than Enzo for them in the endgame (which I think he actually is...sort of...he would be harder to beat at F3, but easier at F2), but I don't think they're buying it.  It will truly take a miracle to save Matty at this point.

ragan matt

And now we have our first real BB12 "scandal."  It seems that one of the previous times that Enzo was a HN he was caught snacking and warned that he'd get a penalty if he did it again.  Well, last night (see FB 8/24 1:14AM cams 3/4) Enzo is sitting out by the hammock with Lane and says something about having a food fight.  I'm not sure who threw stuff, or exactly what it was, though probably not broccoli, bean dip or slop.  Enzo clearly picks something up, chews it, picks something else up and sits back chewing.  This is the best screen cap I've got, and it's really not clear, but it's super clear on the video.  (In other words, BB absolutely saw it since it made the livefeeds.) 


Which brings us to a Foul Count:

Matt's lie about his wife being sick: It's certainly ethically questionable in real life, but lying in BB is just part of the game.  It was an interesting strategy, but it was counting on something that I don't think exists: HGs not being totally selfish.  Matt's premise that no one was going to vote out the guy fighting for his sick wife was just plain wrong.  It's actually the case that they're not going to want to be at the end against the guy fighting for his sick wife.  And his "need the money" argument is starting to backfire as now people are telling him that fans will be donating to his cause after hearing his story.  As far as the argument that using a real disease is "wrong"  I don't buy it...he's not being disrespectful of, or taking anything away from, people who have the illness.  If anything way more people have now heard of the disease.

Verdict: No Foul 

Enzo eating during HN: Just like with BB8 Jen, it's a violation of the rules.  Of course it's not nearly as blatant Jen's "I will now perform eating" but it's a pretty clear food restriction violation, and I'm not buying it as unintentional like many of the food slips we've seen in recent seasons.  Jen at least thought she was being strategic.  Her idea was to get a penalty nom for the following week and use it as argument to stay that week.  BB rightly didn't let that fly and came up with the "penalty vote" for violating restriction when already on the block.  Enzo wasn't trying to do anything gamewise, he just wanted to eat.

Verdict: Foul 

BB not punishing Enzo's violation (assuming they don't): I normally let them slide on just about everything, even if I don't like it.  It is their game and they get to make the rules.  However, there's no point in having rules if there's no consequence for breaking them.  

Verdict: Foul  (will be reviewed if they at least address it) 

All in all, it's been a pretty low-foul season.  For the most part, the sh!t talking behind people's backs has been pretty much game related.  When it does get personal, it's the usual superficial stuff like Ragan talking about Rachel's pimples, or Brendon calling Matt a midget and Britney "3 foot nothing." However, I will note that if they end up letting Enzo's eating slide, it will be the first time I've called a foul on the producers.


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