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but that was when I ruled the world

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posted Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Oh, Matt, Matt, Matty, could a "diabolical super-genius" turn into such a "big dummy" so fast?


Really?  You're all about the Brigade; Brigade all the way?  The Brigade made a last ditch effort to save you?  Seriously? Last week I really thought you had it all figured out, but maybe it was just the Diamond POV in your pocket.

The Wednesday show actually made me angry, and a little depressed.  First, the veto comp. It certainly appeared that both Matt and Britney were seriously trying to buzz in on just about everything, but yet Brendon and Enzo got *all* the punishments?  Really? And then super-cocky Hayden taking the prizes and letting the blame fall elsewhere and somehow coming out of the whole thing unscathed.  I'm starting to think he's on a roll to win this thing, but I'm going to hold off on serious thoughts about the endgame until we see who's left standing after tomorrow.

enzo brendon

And then Matt and his stupid, stupid Bro-gade loyalty, while meanwhile they are tossing him under the bus, and dragging him out just so they can throw him back under.  And even though his anti-Ragan campaigning was fairly minimal, it was the one thing that was going to make Britney think even less of him.  He would have been so much better off to at least hint at the Bro-gade to Britney and try to get Hayden nom'ed.

lane haybrit 

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. 

And then, just to be sure this was the most nauseating episode of BB imaginable, we get the worst Pandora's Box ever.  The only thing that made the reappearance of Zippy worth anything was Britney's reaction.  The scream followed by the look of utter disgust was fantastic.


So we end with the Deluded Diabolical Super-Genius and the Angry Meow-Meow Penguin on the block.  It seems so certain that Matt'll be kicked tomorrow, that you'd think the Masters of Misdirection must have something up their sleeves.  But I'm not seeing any hope for him.  

And Matt doesn't seem to be seeing hope either.  After an initial pitch on Monday to Lane/Hayden, he pretty much has given up on campaigning.  The only thing he's really done for the last 2 days is patch things up with Ragan.  And that seems like legitimate friendship work, rather than gameplay.  He's confessed to Ragan that he really is a SuperFan. It amused me greatly when after this confession, Matt told Ragan how it's been driving him crazy when people are trying to remember something from a past season and either can't recall it, or are getting it wrong and he can't say anything w/o exposing how much he knows.  It drives *me* crazy when that happens and it's so nice to have a HG who truly knows this stuff.


I see only one extremely slim chance for Matt to get Enzo kicked at this point.  And that would be to out the Bro-gade and get Brendon to vote to keep him, and Britney to break the tie for him by making them both realize that with a 3 person alliance against them at F5, they are completely screwed.  I've even got a great line for him to start with: "Brendon, I owe you an apology for what I said last Thursday b/c it turns out that I'm the big dummy.  I've remained loyal to an alliance that I now realize has been actively working to get me out."  If he could lay the groundwork tonight and tomorrow and do the actual exposing in his eviction  That would be great TV.  And if it worked, I'm pretty sure he'd make BB history--I don't think an eviction speech has ever flipped the vote.


The other thing against Enzo is this BB oddity: the Curse of the Costume.  There's something so amusing, and so sad, about watching someone walk the plank in a crazy get-up.  And if he does stay, he presumably has to play all the FF comps dressed as a Penguin.  Which could be pretty damn funny.  


They got a practice apparatus for one of the comps.  They're not sure which one, but they all give it a go, including Britney who won't play in the first HOH, and Matt who probably is not playing at all.  Anyone would be foolish not to practice just in case, but it is the first sign of life we've seen from Matt in a couple days. 

brit brend matt game 


And even Lucky Ducky is shunning them.



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