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goodbye to two

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posted Thursday, 26 August 2010

Oh, Julie, you big tease.  When the Chenbot started out with the line about the truth coming out about secret alliances, there was a glimmer of hope.  But no, it was all about Ragan's insight, not a power-play by Matt.  I was disappointed, but not surprised when Matt went out without a bang.

ragan matt

I was a bit surprised that Ragan voted against him, though Matt later told Julie he'd told Ragan to go with the house.  Personally, I think Matty gave up about 36 hours before the eviction.  I kept hoping he had a final BB brilliant move in his back pocket, but no.  He walked out to a big cheer and a nice chat with Julie.


Then quick like a bunny out to play HOH.  An easy question, and a fast digging comp. Despite Brendon taking an early lead, Hayden pulls it out.  And I continue to think Hayden's on a roll to win all the marbles.  Next, back inside, and to no one's surprise, it's Ragan and Brendon on the block.

hayden ragan

POV is Before and After, which Ragan has been practicing like it's his job for days, if not weeks, now.   So, despite maybe some nervousness, Ragan pulls it off.  And there's hope for this season yet.  They trot inside and and Hayden repl-nom's Britney, but they all vote to keep her, and Brendon hits the bricks.


Brendon also gets a warm welcome from the fans and the high fives that his "girlfriend" didn't get.  He has a dazed talk with Julie, and then we get to "eavesdrop on the HGs."  To which my first reaction was "Brendon shouldn't get to hear what they're saying!"  I'm not sure he did, and regardless they didn't say anything scandalous.  Unlike Brendon himself, who sent us to the fishtank on the seven-second-delay upon getting booted from the POV comp. 


And now there are five.  Even as I type, they are off in trivialand, playing for the next HOH.  This comp usually has something to do with Day Numbers, which not many of them have been studying.  In fact, I think the best one on that is Hayden, who isn't playing.  I'm rooting for Ragan at this point, or more accurately Anyone But the Brigade.

meow=meow lane

Of course, we're at the point in the season when it is truly All About the Veto.  The camera scanned the memory wall tonight, giving a strong hint that the veto this week will be morph-o-matic.  Longtime mybbpov readers know that I always wait anxiously for this comp.  It is the right time for it, when everyone gets to play.  It's also a nighttime comp. so look for it late Friday/Saturday.  They've all stared at the wall a lot this year, so I can't say whose game it might be.  The other problem with morph is that so many of the pics this year are at super odd angles that it might be too easy.  But BB's good at compensating for that sort of thing.

rach ragan matty

I'll be back later with the HOH results.  And when we have that, we'll have another clue as to whether or not we're in for another dull endgame or not.  I'm still afraid that with Matt's eviction and his failure to "drop a grenade on the Brigade" on his way out the door that this season is D-U-N(©BB9 Natalie), but I'm still here to the bitter end.  


I usually try not to dwell on evicted HGs, but I have to say that despite a few Moronic Moves, I think Matt played a good game, and I'm sorry he's gone.  And I'm really sorry I never got a decent screencap of Waldo.  I even managed to cap him nearly giving us the Full Monty this afternoon...but no Waldo.

no waldo

Oh, and just for the record, Enzo has a Harm (©BB6/7 James)


Update: 9PM BBT BBAD starts up with live footage, and it seems Lane won HOH.  That's a bad sign for Ragan if he doesn't pull off back-to-back POVs.  Enzo's sulking in the DR, they say.  And the livefeeders are getting royally SCREWED with continuing trivia.  So, no screen caps for you. 

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