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the face

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posted Friday, 27 August 2010

The MeowMeow Mafia, ka-ka, and The Face.  Those were the 3 signature things that Enzo came into the game hoping to be known for.  The DR told him ka-ka was dirty (that's ka-ka...hamsters say a lot worse than that every day) and they nix'ed the Mafia, resulting in the Brigade.  He got to keep the MeowMeow moniker and The Face.


But for all that he doesn't seem focused on anyone else's face.  It's that time of year, when any good BB fan knows there's a Morph-o-Matic veto coming up.  Ragan's pacing reciting every minute detail about the memory wall pics.  Britney's definitely spent her share of time looking at the wall, usually accompanied by snarky comments or storylines for "the character" she sees in each one.  She's not studying hard now, but she seems to do better when she doesn't over prep. for comps.

ragan brit

Neither Hayden nor Lane give a flying fig about winning this veto.  Lane knows he's safe and Hayden's pretty confident he is as well.  Even if they get to a scenario where Lane is forced to put him on the block, he's almost a sure thing to stay no matter who's in the chair next to him.

lane hayden

But Enzo? He's up in HOH listening to music and being the Pouty Penguin because he's back on the block.  Lane nominated Ragan and Enzo, with the idea that Ragan's The Target, but if he wins POV Brit goes up and out.  But there's always a chance that Britney wins POV, saves Ragan, forcing Lane to nom Hayden, and then the Meow-Meow would be in a bit of ka-ka.

pouty penguin

And even if Ragan wins and saves himself, and Britney goes up, there's a slim chance Enzo could go.  It probably doesn't escape Enzo's notice that his Bro-gade buds have put him in jeopardy.  However, what he doesn't seem too focused on is that this week it's all about the POV.


Okay...update.  This is what I get for starting my post too early.  Enzo is now sitting at the dining room table and giving the memory wall some serious studying time.  What's particularly funny is that a little bit ago Enzo asked Ragan if he thought the veto comp would be "the faces."  Ragan, who has been clearly prep'ing for just that told him no.  He actually had a relatively convincing argument, that BB has been really mixing things up this season.  For example, last week should have OTEV and instead they brought back the graveyard comp that hasn't been done since AllStars.


Outside Britney and Bro-gade boys are also speculating that it's not morph-o-matic, at least not tonight since they're not on indoor lockdown.  BB's been pretty quick to set up some comps this year, so I wouldn't count it out just for that reason.  Plus they could always do it tomorrow night.  I'm convinced it is Morph, just because of the way the camera has been scanning the memory wall, zooming in on each picture, etc. for the last 24 hours.  But I've been wrong before.


In other news, Lane got a Pandora's Box offer.  I'm not entirely clear on what he's claiming it was, much less if I believe that he's disclosing everything.  He said something about 3 envelopes and getting prizes for himself and punishments for the whole house.  He decided to accept b/c the punishments would affect him too.  He said he got some random amount of money (something like $971) and there are 3 house-wide punishments coming.  The first has hit, and it's a re-run+: all glasses and cups have been removed for the week as they were during BB8, with the added twist this year of the utensils going as well.  So they're drinking out of bowls and eating with their hands.


That's all for now...we're definitely into the wind down part of the feeds where we basically wait for comps to see what's going to happen next.  And the HGs just generally starting thinking about the day they escape this madhouse.

save us 

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