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a grenade drops

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posted Saturday, 28 August 2010

After an extremely dull morning, they went off behind the bubbles for POV.  I think even the feedmasters have given up...all 4 feed cameras remaining unmoving on sleeping HGs all morning, and when the comp started, they never switched to trivia.  And feed 4 has had feed 3's audio for at least an hour.


Anyway, I once again sit here corrected--it was not a morph-o-matic veto, it was something like an OTEV variant.  (Maybe I'm a week off and next will be morph...but I should really stop guessing.)  They had to hunt for CDs with HGs names and run up something to present them.  Lane went out first on a wrong answer that he knew was wrong, but jumped in to get ahead of Ragan.  Britney and Hayden went out next, and it came down to the two nominees.  Sounds like it was quite a fight, and Ragan came extremely close, but in the end the Meow-Meow got it.


I'm having a little trouble listening to the RBG at this point.  They're on a roll with winning comps, and good for them.  They're being super-cocky still talking about being the greatest alliance ever and all their brilliant moves like evicting Annie week one and knowing when to ditch Matt.  The cockiness annoys me, but what really has me reaching for the mute button is the sore-winner talk.  Instead of just celebrating their victory, they continue with the really mean trash talk, making fun of Ragan and his disappointment over losing.  Enzo's the worst.  Hayden's pretty bad, but he occasionally seems to realize he must sound like a dick and backs off.  Lane's actually not really part of it, but still a victim of my meow-meow mute.

lane hayden

I would have thought Britney was a sure thing to be the repl-nom, but the RBG has already had a little chat about potentially using Hayden as a pawn.  This would absolutely be a dream scenario for Lane because it lets him look more loyal to Brit, keeping him safe if she wins the F4 HOH or POV.  I'm a little surprised Enzo/Hayden aren't seeing this and pushing to kick her.


Poor Ragan is back in the depths of despair, and a bit of the depths of delusion.  He's currently running scenarios and arguments that he can make to the rest of them to keep him.  I think it's hopeless.  If he's against Hayden, even if he gets Britney there's no way he'd get the Bro-gaders.  He has a tiny chance if he's against Britney and Hayden/Enzo decide they need to break up Brit/Lane.  But in order to argue that Ragan would need to fully understand the Bro-gade.  If he does end up staying it will be b/c the Bro-gade decided to keep him, not because he convinced them.

poor ragan

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