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time flies when you're wearing chum

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posted Sunday, 22 August 2010

Britney and Brendon's handcuffing and Brendon's chum baths both ended after about 18 hours.  For all of their making fun of Jordan last year about not being able to tell time, it's clearly BB that can't count.  Oh, well.  It's only about getting enough footage for the show, right?

brendon chums

Brendon used part of the time in captivity to make his pitches to Britney.  Once the were freed, the others got to take their turns.  Matt has a brief chat, primarily just confirming that he is on the short list to go on the block. Next up is Ragan, who makes a hardcore pitch for keeping Matt.  He is mostly focusing on the fact that if Matt goes, it will be leaving Lane/Ragan on Brit's side and Enzo/Hayden/Brendon on the other side.  But if Matt stays, it shifts to Ragan/Lane/Matt vs. Brendon/Hayden.  Of course, all this is w/o knowing about the Bro-gade.  If the orginal Bro-gade is still in place, keeping or kicking Matt doesn't affect Britney (she's screwed either way).  But if Matt's realized he's out of the club, keeping him is way better for her.


Britney is most concerned about not being able to beat Matt in the end.  Ragan points out to her that you have to worry about getting to F3 before worrying about what's going to happen there.  He also tells her that if F3 is her issue, now is her chance to make deals.  He also sort of vaguely offers his own F3 deal to her.


Meanwhile, Matt is downstairs with Hayden and Lane talking about how to get Britney to repl-nom Ragan.  I really can't figure out if he's just saying all this so they won't catch on the the fact that he knows the Brigade is dead, or if he really doesn't know.  If he really doesn't know, then he's hardly the super-genius he keeps claiming to be.


They got cake mix, etc. for Britney's birthday, which is actually tomorrow.  But she gets all dressed up, and they grill chicken, and hope for booze.  

spin baker

Enzo's basically been hiding in bed b/c it's one place he doesn't have to wear the penguin suit (which does seem to be a different punishment than the giving clothes to charity).

bedbug enzo

In other news, Hayden admitted to Enzo/Lane that he did take the prizes in the veto comp.  Which I say is karma-wise a reason for him to get nom'ed.  He's likely to stay even if he is nom'ed, but not fighting for veto ought to have some consequence.


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