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gettin' chummy

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posted Saturday, 21 August 2010

So, they played POV today, and I stand corrected--it was a "how bad do you want it?" style comp.   As soon as the feeds come back, we see a bald Brendon, and though it took a while to confirm, that was a good clue that he'd won veto.


It seems they don't know who took the good prizes.  I've heard $5K and a Hawaiian vacation mentioned. Lane did get a call from home. It sounds like it was a deal where whoever was the first to buzz in got the points or the prize.  Enzo gave all his clothes "to charity" and is stuck wearing a penguin suit (I haven't quite figured out if that's 2 things, but I think it is).  In addition to the shaved head, Brendon has to take an hourly "chum bath" for 24 hours (recall BB8 bunny dunking).  Britney and Brendon have to spend 24 hours handcuffed together--and naturally, it's the same 24 hours as the chum bath.

penguin chummy

Just to make sure this day goes down as the worst in Britney's BB experience, she got an offer from Pandora's Box for an hour of "advice" and when she opened it out pops....BB10/11 Jessie.  Seriously?  That's messed up Big Brother. (©BB8 Jen)  While she was locked up with Zippy the Pinhead, the rest of the house got some sort of party.

messed up 

We won't know until Wednesday for sure what happened in the veto comp, or if Britney is being 100% honest about PB.  There's a strong history of making up stories about PB, but I imagine Zippy really was there.  I can't see her just pulling that out of nowhere. 

Gamewise, we find Britney post POV crying in HOH to Lane.  She's still afraid Brendon will target her, and having promised to repl-nom Matt, she's realizing she's now going to lose 2 more potential jury votes (Matt/Ragan).  Lane calmed her down a bit, but there's really not much to say.  It sucks any way you look at it.

 lane matt

As of now, it is still the plan for Matt to go up and out.  The RBG are floating the theory that Matt's the StaboTool, and that he only got the DPOV by agreeing to it. (Which is utterly ridiculous, but whatever.)  They also continue with the theme that Matt's playing all sides and tells lies to everyone to keep the conflicts alive.  For his part, Matt finally seems completely clued in that the RBG is throwing him under that fabled bus.  I'm not sure what he's going to do to try to save himself.  There's probably not much he can do, but it would seem unlike him to just lay down and die.  I will say that when we see the veto comp, if it turns out he didn't fight for it, then he deserves to get kicked.


And Ragan, of course, is back in the depths of despair, realizing that he's probably about to lose his BFF for real this time.  He is making a bit of a pitch to Lane about why Matt shouldn't be the repl-nom.  Yes, I did say Lane. It's maybe in part b/c he figures Lane has Britney's ear, but it's mostly b/c all game talk with Brit is on hold until she's no longer attached Brendon.


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