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if I only had a brain...

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posted Friday, 20 August 2010

Just a bit of business I forgot in all the nom/pawn drama...Enzo/Hayden/Brendon are the Have Notties for the week, and America voted for broccoli and bean dip as their alliterative addition food.  Given what we've always heard about the affects of slop on the digestive system....that's going to be one gassy HN room.  Oh, and they won the BB BBQ grill.

broc bean bb bbq

So we come back from bubble/trivia land to find that even after the last minute scheming by the RBG, it's Brendon and Enzo on the block.  Britney says she did ask Matt if it would be okay to use him as the pawn and he said (in her words) "no no no."  So, she went with Enzo on the premise that he's never been nom'ed.  She also swore to him on all that is important to her (her family, her fiance, the Razorbacks) that he is "100% safe" and promised if it came to a tie she'd keep him.

enzo brendon 

Britney also told Enzo that if the veto is used (well, technically she said if Brendon uses it) that Matt will be the repl-nom, and will be kicked.  So the only way Matt's safe is if he or Ragan win the veto.  If Enzo or Brendon gets it, he'd obviously use it, and I suspect if Hayden or Lane gets it he'd use it on Enzo.  And if it's Britney, she's probably going to get major pressure from the RBG to use it...and given how close she was to straight up nominating Matt, she might go for it.  The only thing that would stop her would be the idea of keeping Brendon in the house after having nominated him, and how he'd come after her.


It's interesting that Matt's supposed to be the Brains of the Brigade and he's the one they're ditching first.  I guess it makes sense...if you make a decision w/o your brain, you might well get rid of your brain.  Their theory is that they can't trust him b/c he's closer to Ragan than to the Bro-gade, and that they can't beat him in the end.  But there are several flaws in that logic....

the meow meow the brains the brawn

First, so what if he's closer to Ragan?  He's still not going to turn on the Bro-gade because to do so would be game suicide.  Of course, if the RGB understood that we wouldn't be having this conversation.  If Matt had wanted to take the opportunity to turn on them, he could have D-POV'ed one of the out the door on Thursday and dealt with the fallout.  It would have been good drama if he had, but not such a good move for him.  Now what Matt could do, and what he maybe is doing is to try to get the Bro-Boys out at other people's hands.  This is why the best scenario for him is for Ragan to win an HOH.  Once Brendon's gone, Ragan will mostly likely go after Enzo/Hayden.  And with 2 Bros on the block, he'd have to vote one they well know from what they tried last week.


Second flaw is the idea that they can't beat him in the end.  Sure, he's got Ragan's vote wrapped up, but with Rachel, Brendon, Kathy and 2 other Bro-gaders on the jury, a Brigade Boy sitting next to Matt at the end might actually win.  It is true that they might not because he has played a good game, and could be able to talk his way into some of those other votes, but it's not as if it wouldn't be a contest.

lane hayden

And finally, there's the Brigade Factor.  They made an alliance week one and promised they'd stay loyal the end.  If they make it to the end that's an incredible game feat.  But if they break it, it's points off their gameplay.  Okay, even as I'm saying it, I don't really believe it would matter to the maybe that one's not a huge logic flaw in the actual game.  But from my BB POV, it's a bad move.  And yes, I'm biased.  Matt is definitely at the top of the list here at mybbpov, with Britney as a close second.  So we don't like all this scheming by the RBG.

brit matt 

Back in the house, they've drawn POV players, and it's Ragan who is sitting out.  There's been a lot of speculation about it being a "how bad do you want it?" comp. which has Britney freaking out.  It only got worse when Ragan said one of the things might be getting a tattoo (which BB would never do, but whatever).  Personally, I'm guessing it's going to be an OTEV  style comp., which is the other thing the HGs have been guessing.  There's been a lot of Jedi drilling going on, so it really could be anyone's game.

jedi drilling 

Lines of the Day 

Matt: When you talk about people in my life who are totally non-threatening to me, he (Brendon) like tops my list.  Which is totally ridiculous because he's like twice my size.  
Hayden: No, I don't mind, it's no problem at all...I mean, I've got better things to do and all, like you know, I was gonna make slop, put brown sugar on it. 
Enzo: You gonna shun me this week?
Lane: Well, I'm gonna shun you a little bit b/c I felt shunned last week.  
Britney (about her little brother): He inspires me to be kind, and I'm not always kind.  But everything good that I am it's because my little brother inspires me.  
Britney: I'm really freaked out about what America's thinking.  Who does America like? Who's the villain of the season?  Am I the villain of the season, making fun of people's toenails? 

Captioned Caps

Showmance Confirmed: Matt and Ragan are sleeping together.

Lucky Ducky floats through another week in the Big Brother house. 

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