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heads will roll

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posted Friday, 20 August 2010

It should be a relatively calm day in the BB house. Britney's Target is supposed to be pretty much set. The only real question would be who will be nom #2. It's most likely to be Enzo, though the bro-gade is pushing for Ragan or Matt. When Brit talked to Hayden it sounded like she might be considering Matt. She agreed with Hayden that Matt can't be trusted and that he makes up stories and stirs up stuff. Hayden seems convinced that Matt had something to do with Rachel targeting him and Kristen. That's not how I remember it, but whatever.


Brendon comes in and makes his pitch. He tries to remind Britney of the deal they made last week that if he didn't nom her, she wouldn't nom him this week. She said (to others) at the time that she never intended to keep that deal, but now that she's faced with the reality of firing a shot, she's getting a bit nervous. Brendon also has a go at Matt and Ragan, telling her that they were both campaigning hardcore to get her nomed last week. That's not actually true. Ragan wanted Kathy up, and Matt didn't really care, and maybe even wanted himself up so he could pull that DPOV out of his back pocket. The Bro-gade was pushing for Brit a bit (especially her BFF Lane before he got the memo that the bro-gade was so over). Brendon also told Britney that he can't believe that Matt called him "a big dummy" on national TV. After all, he points out, he has 2 degrees in physics so he's no dummy. He also says that if Matt doesn't apologize, Brendon's going to confront him. After his chat with Brit, Brendon runs down to Enzo and whispers sweet nothings in his ear (seriously, I couldn't catch what he was saying, but whatever it was it set Enzo off, convinced he's going to be nom #2.)

brendon whisper

When Matt and Ragan make their way up to HOH, Britney tells them what Brendon said about them, but not what anyone else said. I'm thinking there's a part of her that wants to nom Matt, but she's got to realize that will make her look horrible. Enzo really is her best avenue, with the explanation that he's the only one in the house who's never been nom'ed. Anyway, Matt laughs at Brendon's accusations, and points out that he clearly wasn't campaigning against Britney, when he told her to go get him nom'ed. (Though, as an aside, a diabolical super-genius might very well just tell someone to go campaign against them and later use that against them.) He also points out that if he really wanted Brit out of the house, he could have D-POV'ed her. As far as dummy-gate, he stands by his statement. A degree does not a non-dummy make, and Brendon's ongoing nonsensical accusations just prove his dummy-dom. I think he's kind of hoping for the promised confrontation. I know I am.

mattatattat ragan

Well, before I could even finish half of this post, the quiet day got shot to hell. Brendon came back to Britney with a passionate Kick Matt plan. He'd been outside getting fired up by the remains of the Bro-gade. He gives her a whole speech about how he never planned to kick her last week, and Matt's the real devil in the house, everyone wants him gone, etc. etc. He also brings up the fact that he represents 2 jury votes. Brit calls the RBG up and asks them if it's true. Enzo basically says, yes, though Lane kind of says no, we're still on Brendon. Enzo/Hayden backpedal a little saying that of course Brendon is Target #1, but Matt is next up. Britney talks about her pawn plan, and they turn it around to say it would be better to nom Matt, so if Brendon wins POV Matt's definitely going home. They suggest that she use the reasoning that she wants to be sure Matt gets to play in POV as her reason for nom'ing him. She says that she feels like she can't nom him b/c she already promised she wouldn't, but ends up agreeing that she'll talk to him about wanting a "pawn" who will fight hard for POV, and that people like Enzo kind of suck at comps. Lane comments "if I know Matt, he might say 'well use me.'"

lane rbg

So Britney trots downstairs for this chat and BB summons her to the DR. She tries to duck into the storage room with Matt first, and BB calls her again. Then we go to bubbles followed by trivia. It's not unprecedented DR manipulation for BB to call people to the DR to prevent convos like that. Guess we won't know until the feeds come back.


If Brit does nom Matt there are going to a few definite consequences. First, Ragan will be PISSED. Second, Matt will probably KNOW the RBG threw him under that fabled bus. And third, I say if Matt's on the block, even against Brendon, the RBG votes him out.

Anyway...I started with this subject line as a reference to the cute play-doh art that Matt created: Lane and Hayden heads. Also, Britney sent a message to Nick.

heads heart

I'm sure I'll be back with more, after noms.

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