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bb siesta

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posted Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Rachel is clearly leading in the BB12 malapropism race.  Though, it's a little suspicious that everything she's come out with so far has been made-for-TV.  (In case you don't know what I'm talking about, on tonight's show she referred to the POV as a "pinata siesta.")

brendon rachel

I have to say, I was totally unimpressed with the show.  There were some good DR one-liners, but they were so obviously scripted, I won't even quote them.  And I don't know why, but I'm always amazed at how they can edit such a logical storyline into the convoluted logic that actually happened in the house. 

hayden enzo

So what has happened?  Well, Annie's been on the campaign trail ever since coming out of the DR after being repl-nom'ed.  Unfortunately, she's still only got the one argument: break up the Science Alliance.  She has been threatening to reveal all of Brendon's secrets in her eviction speech.  Last night the Catty Girls Alliance got the idea of getting her to tell them the secret and then somehow convincing her not to spill to everyone.  Monet worked on Annie for awhile and got that Brendon is "smart," that he has something to do with the medical profession, and that he "maybe" goes into surgeries.  So, she convinced he's a doctor, or possibly a medical equipment salesperson.

 monet kathy

This new idea had the CGA thinking briefly of keeping Annie, but they quickly got off that idea.  On a rather unrelated note, while listening to them in the HOH room debating about this, and chowing down on Hayden's HOH goodies, I did realize one distinct value to us from slop: we don't have to listen to them chewing. 

chomp britney

BB gave them golf clubs and other backyard toys today.  Some of them think it's related to an upcoming comp.  Some out here think it's just proof that they're boring as all get-out and BB's trying to get them off their butts. 

golf siesta

Apparently they got another message from the StaboTool today saying that he/she had "escaped the block" this week.  They're all taking it to mean that neither Annie nor Rachel is the Tool, and they're split about Brendon.  Some say it is him b/c he "escaped."  But at least one (I think it was Ragan) pointed out that it could all be a spool of lies (©BB6/7 Howie) anyway.

ragan matt

It's all but a sure thing that Annie will be kicked tomorrow.  The only real question is will it be a unanimous vote? A number of them have said or implied that they'll vote for her but until they actually march in and out of the DR we won't know who's really lying.


Lines of the Day: 

Annie: Remember how cold it used to get here at night.
Hayden: That was like a week ago.  
Lane: (on purchasing guns in TX) They make you pinky swear when you're leavin' that you won't shoot anybody.  
Britney: Well, we told Annie she needed to come talk to you about your vote.
Enzo: Nooooo. 
Lane: I bet there's really no sound.  We've just all cracked and think we're hearing crickets.  
Annie: I'm literally trying to think about it logically.   
Britney: Captain Kosher is a weird, weird, weird, dude.  I mean beyond all recognition of the word 'odd.'
Britney: That would suck though, if you died and you went to hell and you'd spent your whole life eating the wrong kind of food.
(me: couldn't you just end that sentence after the word "hell" and make it equally true?)  
Annie: I don't know why people think I'm one of the biggest competitors in the house.
Matt: Well, socially, yeah.  You're likeable.
Annie: I am not! People hate me! 
Annie: My head literally exploded.  Literally.   

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