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from have-nottie to hoh-gottie

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posted Thursday, 15 July 2010

It's becoming a fine BB tradition to go from on the block to HOH, and Rachel's done it.  A lot of the rest of them are scrambling now since they were all counting on kicking Brendon or Andrew this week, or maybe even Rachel.


But first, the show.  I'm a little bit peeved by the obviously coached DRs.  The DR is where we should get to hear how they really feel.  I know they have a show to make, but come on.

enzo lane matt

So, Annie was the StaboTool.  I've gotta say, she did a pretty good job of not being obvious.  Early on she was doing a fair amount of staboTooling, screwing with other people's games.  But once she went on the block herself, she really had a problem.  You can't worry about StaboTooling when you're fighting to stay in the house. She really did make the better argument for staying, but that rarely matters, and they all clearly had their minds made up days ago.  As she said, they're just not that smart.

kathy hayden ragan

And it just goes to show you that even the prods don't always get what they want.  I can't believe they're happy about their twist untwisting week 1, though they had to see it coming for the last few days so they had plenty of time to accept it.  And word on the street...or rather word on the tweet (I can't believe I said that) is that the early evictees will be sequestered, leaving a recycled HG an option.  However, since Julie said the HGs would be told that Annie was the StaboTool, it's not going to be a continuation of the same twist.  Honestly, I think they shouldn't tell them.  They're still trying to figure out who it is (and it doesn't seem to occur to any of them that the Tool would lie).


Back in the house, Rachel's on top.  Of course she and Brendon are thrilled to be safe, but I really wish they'd stop congratulating themselves on how cute they are and how they're making such good TV.  It's as irritating from them as it was from the "Brigade" last week.  Oh, speaking of the "Brigade"...uh, no thank you on the name.  Enzo wanted to call it the Meow-Meow Mafia, and I'm betting BB told him to pick something else thinking that "mafia" would offend someone.  Or maybe they're concerned about alienating dogs.


Anyway, the Have-Notties had discussed yesterday that if one of them won HOH today, they'd have a Have-Nottie slumber party to make up for sleeping on lawn chairs for a week.  Rachel's planning to follow through, and Matt in particular is hoping this bond will keep him off the block.  It sounds like Brachel's plan is to nom Monet and Britney with Monet as The Target.

monet brit 

Of course I'm hoping for an HOH perp walk....I'll be back with screencaps if we get one.

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