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posted Sunday, 4 July 2010

Every year when I watch the pre-season BB HG interviews, I try not to form early opinions.  Because it has been my experience that what I'm thinking even after the first show is often blown out of the water once the feeds kick in.  This year I even considered not bothering with the pre-season stuff.  But in the end, I'm too much of an addict to pass up anything BB.  And if nothing else, I need to get started on remembering names and faces.  So here they are: my first thoughts on the BB12-ers.   The first 8 are based on Superpass interviews by BB9 Chelsia.  With the remaining 5, all I could find was the CBS quickie "you ask, they tell" segments so I have a lot less to go on for that group.

Andrew - doctor (podiatrist), has a 9 year old daughter.  Strategy is "Do anything; trust no one." Has a problem with "dumb blondes"  and says he's afraid of "stupid women who can control me."  Favs BB5 Marvin and BB1/7 George.  Hated BB5 Holly (the ultimate dumb blonde).  He initially seemed to be implying that all blondes are dumb, but said he liked Janelle b/c she was smart and had a good strategy.andrew  

Annie - has a BA in theatre, and will play whatever role she needs to each week.  Calls herself very competitive.  Says she has "the worst luck"  In a relationship w/a woman, but won't reveal that right away or maybe at all.  Can/Will flirt w/guys.

[I have to admit--she's an early favorite for me.] 

Brendon - Sounds like he was recruited for BB.  One of the few to not claim he was a longtime viewer/fan.  Swim coach, about to start PhD in Physics.  Says he has no set strategy. Was engaged, she broke up with him, but kept ring.  He sued her for the ring back and won.  He's worried there will be a "sweet girl" he likes who ends up backstabbing him.brendon
britneyBritney - Fan since S1.   Favs Janelle/Will because they were fun to watch.  Calls herself very opinionated but will try to keep opinions to herself.  Doesn't think throwing comps is a benefit.  Engaged, so very little showmance potential.
Hayden - Strategy is to "align with all the girls and  maybe 1 other strong guy."hayden
matt Matt - fan since S1, applied almost every season. Made finals last year, but finale conflicted with his wedding date, so tried to change wedding. (Seriously?) Quote: "I tend to be the most intellectual person in a given group of people."  But he doesn't seem to have watched feeds b/c he was surprised by the "no singing" rule.  I noted that he was swearing a lot during his interview--if he's not careful he'll end up in the same kind of trouble as his namesake, BB9 Matt.  Also kind of reminded me of BB11 Ronnie--puts him low on my list, but also makes him a leading candidate for the saboteur.
Monet - Considers herself very competitive and thinks she will definitely win.monet
raganRagan (Superpass misspelled his name) - Says he's a fan but not a "superfan."  Has watched since S10.  Strategy is to be the entertainer.  Very liberal, outspoken, but seems to think he can keep calm and persuade other to do what he wants, rather than get into arguments.  But also says that the house always splits at some point, and once it does, he'll try to keep things stirred up.

As I said, I got a lot less on the second group, which might be why none of them really made a strong impression on me one way or another.

Enzo - married, has a daughter. Wants his impact on the game to be his personality.  He gave a few examples of his "signature" stuff; I think he basically was saying he wants to be remembered as "a character" like Dr. Will or Evel Dick.enzo 
kathyKathy - Strategy is to get along with everyone.  Says her favorite former HG is Evel Dick because of the way he stirred things up. (Those 2 statements seem contradictory to me, but she might be saying that she likes the drama, just doesn't intend to cause it).  She's a  Deputy Sheriff and says she'll tell the HGs this, but won't let them know that she's got experience working undercover and with profiling...which are skills that she thinks will help her in the house.

Kristen - "I'm pretty entrepreneurial."

[I know she said a lot more than that, but nothing really stuck with me.] 

laneLane - works as a salesman and figures that will help him in the game.  Plans make friends with everyone.
Rachel - Says she's a chemist, but wants other HGs to think she's dumb.  Plans to try to pass herself off as "the pretty girl with big boobs."  Reasonable potential for drama.rachel


So, there you have it.  There are a few I'm liking more than others, and a few I'm liking less, and a lot I just don't care about.  A pretty good place to start the season.

The twist of the year is "The Saboteur"...a slight re-twisting of the Tool.  Some of the CBS ads have been saying one player won't be playing for themselves, but rather against the rest of the HGs.  We'll get to vote on "suggestions" for the Saboteur, but it's not at all clear that they'll be mandatory like Tool Tasks were.  And it's certainly not clear that we'll have anything to do with their votes. 

Rumour has it that there was meant to be a 14th HG, but CBS is saying someone dropped out last minute.  I find that a bit hard to believe, since I'm pretty sure they always have a few alternates in case someone does just that.  There's another theory that the saboteur is not one of these 13, but will be the 14th HG. 

We'll know when we know. 

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