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sunday school

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posted Sunday, 18 July 2010

There's not a lot going on in the house today.  The POV ceremony and repl-nom isn't until tomorrow, and they pretty much exhausted the gametalk last night.  So, there's just a lot of laying around and chatting about whatever.  Some cuddling, smooching, etc. with BRachel.

rachel showmance

And then we get what I found to be a very amusing conversation amongst the hamsters.  Britney mentions that the DR has been "correcting" her swearing, and this leads to an argument as to whether or not swearing is a sin/against one of the 10 commandments.

Monet: It's like thou shalt not lie, steal, murder, commit adultery, or swear.
Enzo: Then they should just make the 11th commandment "thou shalt not live" since you're basically not allowed to do anything.
[someone]: I think it's that you can't take the lord's name in vain, that's the one about swearing.
Andrew: That's for us, I don't know about for you.

Then Andrew says they can just check.

Enzo: What do you have a computer or something? 
Matt:  The 10 commandments are in that Jewish Bible you have? 


[Andrew leaves.] 

Britney: That's the Old Testament.  It's only like a suggestion for Christians, not like the New Testament. 

[Andrew returns and starts reading the commandments.]

Andrew: Oh, but this one's for us, not you, about remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
(just goes to show...he's as uninformed about Christianity as the rest of them are about Judaism) 
Britney: No, that's for us too....
Matt: Just it's Sunday for us, Saturday for you.
Britney: And we don't have to do anything weird or whatever.


Monet: So there's nothing about swearing?

(general agreement that there's no prohibition on using "bad words.")

Matt: But did they even have those words back then, like 'fuck' and stuff?
(me: Well, they weren't speaking technically, no.  But I wonder how you say "fuck" in ancient Aramaic....) 


Britney: So that's just like the Old Testament?
Andrew: Yeah.
Britney: So there's nothing in there about Jesus?
Andrew: No.


Enzo: So American Idol is done.  They're false idols.  So no more fucking Ruben or fucking Clayton or Claymore or whatever his name is.
[someone]: Clay Aiken? 
Matt: I'm so glad we can swear. 

So, there you  have it....our dysfunctional religious education for the day. 


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