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pawn tonight

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posted Monday, 19 July 2010

The drama of today, such as it was, really happened last night.  After coming to the mildly idiotic conclusion that pawning Andrew, one of her actual allies, was a good idea, Rachel was finally sat down by the brains of the operation: Ragan and Kristen.

ragan kristen

After a great deal of back and forth they finally got her to understand the situation: There are 9 votes this week, so you need 5 to get what you want.  There are 6 people in the house that are in her alliance "for sure."  There are 4 people that she either knows are against her, or suspects they might be.  If she takes her pawn from the group of 6, the most likely vote is 5-4, but if she takes the pawn from the group of 4, the most likely vote is 6-3.  Which means that with the first case, if one person flips or is lying Rachel loses; but in the second case, if one person flips they're still okay.


Ragan also makes the excellent point that with 5 people, if one flips they'll all be pointing fingers at each other and no will be above suspicion.  They will have lost an ally because the pawn was kicked, found out they have a rat, so lost a vote, and the infighting will be massive.  With the second scenario, even if 2 people flip, they'll lose a pawn they didn't really trust was an ally, and with 2 flippers it will probably be easier to figure out who they are.


Of course, what none of them know is that Hayden is really with the MeowMeow Boys.  So if Andrew is pawned, there's a chance the MMBs will decide to kick him, reveal themselves, and pull the Catty Girls to their side.  But if Matt is pawned the MMBs will keep him for sure.  Rachel finally gets the math and goes back to the Pawn Matt Plan.


Something really major would have to happen in the next few days for the whole house to flip and Monet to stay, so I'm pretty sure Matt's one of the safest pawns ever.   



There was also a Great Debate over whether Rachel should tell everyone that Matt volunteered himself as a Pawn.  She's concerned about looking like a bitch if she "blindsides" him, plus she's concerned that he'll use it as an in with "the other side" and they'll target her.  Of course, he's already in with "the other side," and, as Ragan and Kristen point out repeatedly, Rachel's a target no matter what, and isn't it better to keep Andrew and keep him happy so he'll be on her side?

the other side

So today, they go off to repl-nom land and when they come back Matt has been pawned.  Monet and Britney are upset because they honestly thought they'd convinced Rachel to pawn Andrew, and they figured Monet had a chance against him.  They're pretty sure she doesn't have a chance against Matt, but they're still talking about working on it.  They're going to try to con Kathy into a "sympathy vote" and then try to pull Andrew, Enzo, Lane and Hayden.  They think Hayden's in with BRachel, but they figure he's vulnerable.  Of course they assume no way on Brendon, Ragan or Kristen.



But now that all the pawns are on the chessboard, the CattyGirls are out in full force.  Some of it is actually kind of funny, though at this point it's mostly just plain catty and mean.  Britney's entertainment skills are way higher than Monet's, and I'm hoping that if/when Monet gets kicked we get the Britney and Enzo show replacing the CattyGirls show.  That could be a lot of fun to watch.


They also had their 3rd stockade hour.  Rachel has one more left, the rest are done.  This last one was serious punishment for Monet as she had to stand there and make smalltalk with Rachel.  When it was over she told Britney that she wanted to "shoot [her]self in the face."  Hey, she's picked up a Britney-ism! 

stockmonet stockrachel

A quick note on the Sunday show: The duct tape comp. concept was fine, but the "'hood" theme and the lines Rachel had to read were embarrassing.  Andrew's dance of joy when Rachel won was bizarre.  But his yarmulke popping off his head like there was a spring under it was kind of funny.  And Britney (or whoever scripts the DR sound bites) gets Line of the Show for "I lost to someone who wasn't even smart enough to put on pants." 


Lines of the Day

(some are actually from last night): 

Kathy: Monet's weakness is cookies, and when we were on slop they were totally insensitive.  So now I'm gonna be making cookies for breakfast.  The whole house will smell like fresh baked cookies all day long. 
Rachel: Season 12 was supposed to be harder, bigger, better. 
Ragan: I overheard Britney say 'I love Ragan, but...'  I didn't hear the 'but,' but you don't say 'I love him, but...he's also the most awesome person ever.'  
Rachel: Why don't we play hide-and-go-seek?
Ragan: Like as people?  Actually, that would be fun. It would occupy our time for a few hours.
Monet: There's no place to hide, unless you like climb in cabinets.
(me: geez Monet--buzzkill.)  
Lane: You like PDA.
Britney: Yeah, but I don't like them [Brendon/Rachel].
Lane: You're being...what's that word?
( me: A bitch?) 
Britney: I don't know how Libra did the show. She left, [her twins] were 5 months old, she came back and they were....
Ragan: They were in the 8th grade. 

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