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posted Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I was just about to write this week off as one of the dullest ever in BB history when something happened to stir up the drama (thank God!).

The interesting thing is that I can't actually figure out who was behind the catalytic event in the whole thing.  I am therefore starting to suspect the DR gods.  But more on that later.

Here's what I know: At some point Kristen went and confronted Britney about whether Brit had been telling people that Kristen was going to vote to keep Monet.  Rachel had told Kristen that Britney was saying this.  Next thing I heard was Britney asking Kathy if she was the one who told Rachel that.  Kathy said no.  

Here's what I don't know: I don't know if Britney ever told anyone that Kristen was going to keep Monet.  Whether Brit really said it or not, I don't know if someone told Rachel, or if Rachel just made it up.  And if someone did say it to Rachel, I don't know if it was Kathy or not.

Here's what I'm pretty sure of: Kristen was never going to keep Monet, and never said she was.  If Britney was making up stories about a flipper, Kristen's the least likely fake flipper.  Unless it was all a plot to get people to distrust Kristen.

So, there's this little confrontation among Kristen, Britney and Rachel.  Then Rachel asks if Britney wants to come up to HOH for a chat.  Britney says sure, and they trot upstairs and start swapping stories.  Rachel says people are saying stuff about Britney, Britney asks who and Rachel won't say, but she implies Matt.  Then she tells Britney that Matt asked to be pawned.  Britney says she's shocked b/c Matt's been saying he can't believe BRachel did this to him, and he's going after them now.

This is basically what Rachel's been worried about all along.  She decides she's going to around interviewing and confronting and trying to expose all the lies.  The first person she talks to is Ragan, and he suggests that she call everyone together and they all talk at once, rather than let people have individual chats and be able to lie and deny.

So next thing we know it's a House Meeting.  They all gather in the living room, and Rachel accuses Matt of "playing both sides."  Brendon keeps screaming at Matt that he "got got" (he might have actually been saying "got caught" but with as much as this group references BB11, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was using the "you got got" line from the Jeff/Russell fight).

Matt admits he asked to be pawned and tries to explain it's because he didn't want to vote.  He says he felt BRachel were pressuring him (he actually used the word "bullying") to vote out Monet, but he felt that if Andrew was nom'ed he'd want to vote out Andrew.  So he'd be better off not voting. 

It comes out that the "bad thing" that Matt said about Britney was that he thought she was the StaboTool.  Britney basically said "uh, I knew that like forever ago." Rachel keeps accusing Matt of lying and asking "repeatedly" to be pawned.  He counters that he doesn't think he's lied about much, and by the way, hasn't she lied about a bunch of stuff herself?  He also argues the "repeatedly" point, saying he only asked in one conversation, though he may have said the words more than once, but after that he just told Rachel to do whatever she needed.

Matt's making good points, and at one point Rachel has the great Freudian slip of "I'm done sitting here lying to you."  She quickly catches it and says "being lied to by you."  When they confront him about saying he's targeting BRachel, he doesn't bother denying it, and it's obvious he's having a hard time not pointing out that everyone is targeting them.

There is a nice moment for the Meow Meow Mafia, when Matt stands up and proclaims he doesn't have an alliance with anyone, and if he's lying, please speak up.  Of course, he has an alliance with almost all of them, but who's going to say anything?  Still, it makes for great drama. 

Britney keeps saying she doesn't want to be in the middle of all if she didn't start all this.  And Andrew actually did get to skip the whole production because he was in the middle of a religious observance.  It actually puts him in a great spot...he wasn't involved in the drama and now he gets to go around and ask everyone what happened and gather intel in the process.

Finally, Monet raises her hand and says...something.  She's definitely the Forgotten Nominee.  Normally, that's the Pawn role, but in this case, I'm still saying Monet gets kicked on Thursday. But, we'll know when we know.

Fight Faces

matt rachel

 brendon britmonet lanenzo

 hayden kristen kathy

 ragan andrew 

Lines of the Day 

Ragan: I'm so confused.
Enzo: Who do we vote out now?
Kathy: I'm so confused. 
Lane: I have a sleeve on my head.
Andrew: I'm so confused.
Rachel: When did we bully you?  When?! Tell me now!
Hayden: I'm so confused.
Brendon: I don't remember those words coming out of my mouth. 
Britney: I'm so confused.
Matt: Was the HOH toilet really clogged?  Uh, no.
Kristen: I'm so confused.
Monet: Can I say something? 

Special Bonus Line of the Day:

Ragan: Now I get the livefeed.

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