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ready for their closeups?

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posted Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I just happened to tune into the feeds tonight as a bored camera operator was giving us super-closeups, so you get some super-close screencaps.

rach brit

mon matt

kris hay lane

I haven't seen enough of the feeds today to have much for you.  I think it's still kick-Monet day tomorrow.  The MeowMeows seem for real, so they'll all keep Matt.  I'm pretty sure Kristen is solid, and I know Ragan is, so that's the 5 he needs.  They've been on lockdown all day today, and a quick feed flash of the backyard revealed what sure looks like some kind of endurance apparatus.  A nice, close, somewhat unexpected vote right before an end. comp. could be just what we need.

nom1 nom2


(in case anyone was wondering--foot fetish cam. operator is back)

Since I have so little on the feeds, I'll say a bit about the show.  First, I'm glad they clarified that Matt's totally lying about his wife being sick.  I was 99% sure of that because he mentioned that he had a website for her called  That's an actual website but it's clearly not his.  I was amused by the "Andrew's a shoe salesman, it's not like he's a doctor...." bit, and pretty much equally amused by Andrew saying melorheostosis isn't a real disease (which, btw, it is).  Matt clearly thought this strategy through.  By picking something that is real, if there happened to be someone in the house who had heard of it, he's good.  But by picking something super-rare he pretty much guarantees he won't run into someone who knows a lot about it.

dr. andrew the face

As far as the storyline, it irritated me that they made it seem like the guys talked Rachel into nom'ing Brit/Monet, when that was her plan all along.  However, I was glad they aired a pretty reasonable reflection of the Catty Girls' reactions (including a mybbpov LotD with Monet's "I never said anything bad about her.. well, to her").  Also, the whole pick a pawn thing was a lot more painful to live through on the feeds then the 2 minutes it gets on the show.  But it made for good TV, so no surprises there.  As far as the actual veto comp. it was okay, but they completely left out the stockade hours, and they've given Rachel early release.  They've obviously got way more material than they need for tomorrow.

ragan brendon

Both Kristen and Kathy were completely missing from the show, and Kathy says she hasn't been to the DR in 5 days.  I know there are a lot of them in there, but I don't recall HGs being completely invisible during past seasons.

miss missing miss missing

Lines of the Day

Ragan: I'd go straight for Julie Chen. 
Enzo: Why are we on the longest [reality show]?
Britney: He says that like he didn't know.  Like someone made him come here.  
Kathy: It's like I've lost like 10,000 brain cells at this point.  
Monet: It's like people don't even care (that Matt volunteered to be pawned)
(me: they don't...they all knew.)  
Ragan: Kathy told me she hasn't been to the Diary Room in 5 days.
Rachel: Shut up!
Brendon: What? Is she still on the show? 
Ragan: I think Jessie was intimidated by [Laura].
Brendon: Because she was taller than him.
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