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a diamond studded secret

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posted Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Enzo finally found the Tool's message in the wee hours of the morning.  I'm glad I didn't stay up for it, because a.) I'm missing enough sleep as it is, and b.) it was rather anti-climatic.


After finding the note, Enzo went and showed it to everyone.  No one's concerned about what his "secret" might be.  They just all looked at it as proof that there is, in fact, a StaboTool, and it's not just BB messing with them since someone had to come into the room and place the note.  Most of them are also convinced now that it's Kathy, and that a lot of her house cleaning is cover for tooling around.  She did make Enzo's bed yesterday.  Theres's been some talk about getting Kathy out to either prove or disprove that she's the Tool.  Of course, since Tool 2.0 is done, it doesn't matter anyway.

notstabby the real mcstabby

A few thoughts on the show.  I said most of what I had to say about the events when they happened on the feeds.  The points of note for me from the show were, first, they completely glossed over the Brit/Rachel fights in favor of the Ragan/Rachel fights.  And the editing was very pro-Ragan (not that it took creative [any]editing to make Ragan the winner of those fights). 


As for the veto, I hadn't considered that it was not just an eviction veto, but a $20K Tool veto for Ragan.  He's done with all his tooling before the eviction, but the rules did say he had to "survive" 2 weeks.  The comp was amusing just for the color commentary ("Brendon's only as smart as whoever he's cheating off of," etc.)

For me the most important point of the show was the final answer to pretzel-gate.  Rachel did do it, production absolutely knew about it and approved of it, and Kathy knew about it, helped her out, and also turned around and told everyone else about it.  None of this is surprising, it's just good to have it all confirmed.  Oh, and watching Brendon wander around the JH like a sad puppy was pretty funny. 

lost pup 

So tomorrow's show ought to be good.  We really have no idea who's getting kicked, just that it won't be Matt, Brendon or Ragan.  I'd also venture that Lane's pretty safe.  But I really can't figure out what Matt's going to do.  My thoughts on his choices:

Hayden: He's probably the least likely diamond-repl-nom.  Even if Matt decides to go anti-Bro-gade, I don't think he'll go for Hayden.


Kathy: A distinct possibility.  Especially now with the StaboTool theory, which Matt himself suggested earlier that if "someone had a power" it could be a good reason for nom'ing her.  She's also a pretty safe choice, since it wouldn't piss off either the Bro-gade or his showmance (Ragan).  But Matt's not always the one to cop out with the safe choices.


Britney: Another distinct possibility.  She's a bolder choice than Kathy because she is a competitor.  Even though Lane's got the side dealie with her, he's already talking about ditching her soon and Matt knows that.  Brit's also a pretty safe choice since he wouldn't piss of the Bro-gade and though Ragan would probably prefer to keep her, he won't be too mad.


Enzo: It all depends on if Matt's figured out that the Bro-gade is dead.  Enzo/Hayden are planning on breaking the bad news to him tonight that they're keeping Lane.  Matt previously told them that he'd be fine with them keeping Lane over him as long as they had a reason.  He has been asking some probing questions and making comments about loyalty and the bro-gade, getting Brendon out, etc.  He seems to be listening and sometimes I think he's getting a clue or two.  I'm hoping he'll ask for the reason and get a further clue from the answer.


Based on the way Matt's been talking I'd guess the likely order of D-POV repl-nom goes Kathy, Britney, Enzo, Hayden.  But that's all based on what he's saying in the house.  Since we haven't heard any of his DR comments, or any DR manipulation it's really hard to be sure.  It's also hard to say what the prods might want.  They likely prefer Enzo to Kathy, and they know the fans like Enzo.  But they might also not want the Bro-gade to just rampage right through to the end.  Drama's good for ratings.

lane excellent 

You know--we'll know when we know.

And I was super excited today to get my first decent screencap this season of my favorite HG, the ultimate floater, who never gets kicked: Lucky Ducky!! 


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