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I don't hate them all

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posted Tuesday, 17 August 2010

It has been brought to my attention that my comments for the last few days about how Matt should use the D-POV to nom Enzo have made it seem that I'm anti-Meow Meow.  Not so.  I just think that's the best way to keep things interesting.

meow meow

But it does bring me to a point I've been thinking about all season...I really don't hate any of them this year.  I keep waiting for that to change, but so far they've all stayed on my good side.  There are some I like more than others, but none are inspiring super strong feelings.

For me it's all about who's fun to watch.  The least fun to watch of those left are Kathy and Brendon.  Kathy because she does nothing but housework.  In the last few days she has been scurrying around talking crap about everyone and their dog.  Brendon, when Rachel was around just annoyed me with his floating between being a whiney little bitch and berating Rachel.  Now that Rachel's gone he's just boring.

dusting brendon

I'm pretty much indifferent to Hayden.  He's not doing much in the game and he's not really that entertaining.  The rest of them are generally fun to watch and/or playing an impressive game.  So for pure entertainment purposes, I'd like to see Kathy go with the D-POV, then Brendon, and then have the rest of them fight it out.


The problem I have with the Bro-gade staying intact and undetected is that it doesn't make for good BB.  If Kathy goes on Thursday, Brendon's almost sure to go next.  And even if he doesn't, the 3 remaining non-bros are unlikely to put 2 against each other.  Brendon would go Matt vs. Ragan, Ragan and Brit would both go after Brendon, and after that Ragan would probably go Britney vs. Lane.  Britney's the most like to target a Bro-gader, but with Lane in her ear they'd probably be safe.  That gets all 4 to final 5 and the only way they don't make F4 is if whoever is left wins HOH.  Which would be an argument for keeping Kathy.  And to keep Kathy, Britney would have to go with the D-POV, and that makes the Bro-gade getting to F4 even more likely.  And that's just boring.


So, in game news, Matt's on a bit of a tear about Rachel leaving a message spelled out in pretzels telling Brendon to go after Matt.  Supposedly the message said "I [heart] U Matt"....which of course could easily be read as Rachel "hearts" Matt....or a message to Brendon from Matt.  Now, OBVI, Brendon would know what it meant, but it's still fun to laugh at.


Matt's claiming to be upset b/c they're not supposed to use any form of written communication.  He's complained to the DR and they've (allegedly) told him they'll look into it.  Of course, no one really cares, because for the prods it's all about getting the D-POV used.  And if Matt's the kind of player I think he is, he wants to use it too.

In StaboTool news, Ragan actually did something.  He walked into the Taj room, took out a piece of paper, then said "I can't do this, I can't do this."  Then he went back into the other bedroom, seemed to recall the $20K he'd be giving up by not doing "this" and went back in and slipped the note under Enzo's pillow.  Reliable sources are saying that the note reads "I know your secret."

stabby tooly

So, when Enzo finds it, will he think it's more StaboTool accusations against him, or will he think someone's on to the Bro-gade?  This could be good.....

Oh and in other progress on Waldo watch.  All I can say for sure is that it's *not* the Nirvana logo as a lot of people seem to think.  That's on the other side of the arm and not covered.


Lines of the Day 

Matt: I'm never eating pretzels again.  
Britney: I feel worse about it when I go to the DR because I talk about it.  And when I don't go to the DR I don't talk about it....
BB: You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests.  
Lane: Enzo wants to be friends with everyone, he cares what people think.  I could care less if people think I'm the freakin' saboteur.  Or if they think I'm stupid.  
Britney (to Lane on the hammock): Matt's a little schemer.
Matt (at almost the exact same time to Enzo in the cabana): Britney's sneaky.  
Matt: I wish I had a coup d'etat.  
Ragan: This is going to be a 'derr' statement.  I really think she [Kathy] comes and bitches to us about Brendon, then goes to him and bitches about us.
Matt: 100%  
BB: Houseguests, please raise the 2 southwest awnings and [unintelligible] the adjacent deck.
Enzo: You trying to use big words now, yo?  Adjacent, isosceles...I'm going to take that as disrespect.
Lane: There's no one named Jason in this house. 
Enzo (about Brendon): He was a doctor, a lawyer, now a physicist.
Kathy: How'd he do all that and he's only 30?
[someone]: Well, he's really 66. 

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