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posted Monday, 16 August 2010

The StaboTool kept them up much of the night with various messages which they had been led to believe might have something to do with a special comp. today.  I don't know why they seem to have not caught on to the fact that everything the StaboTool says is utter bullsh--sugar pops.  Maybe they have and BB just insists that they come running to the living room each time there's static.


In any case, they were eventually told it was all StaboTooling (by the Tool, which does contradict my contention that everything the Tool says is sugar pops) but they still think the messages could come up in a future comp.  That would seem not quite right to me.  Even though they all heard the same messages, Ragan would have an obvious advantage having said them.  Speaking of not quite right the Have Notties got more bonus food, frozen dinners containing eggplant.  The whole slop thing is getting to be more and more of a joke.  If they're getting things like eggplant parmesean that seems like cheating. 

tool eggplant parm

Anyway, back in the real game.  After a tiny bit of waffling, Brendon repl-nom'ed Matt after Ragan vetoed himself.  Ragan is horrified, but no one else really cares.  Britney's just glad it's not her, the Bro-gade, Kathy and Brendon all want him gone, and he knows he's got the DPOV. 


Matt's lack of concern over being nom'ed is a part of the Bro-gade's reasoning behind ditching him.  But it's not really the major reason.  The fact is they're concerned that he's closer with Ragan and Britney than they would like. 


For Matt's part, I can't figure out what he's really thinking.  He keeps telling the bro boys to stick together and not expose the alliance even with 2 of them on the block.  But at the same time he does seem to be getting a bit of a clue that he's out of the alliance.  With Enzo talking about how they're voting him out every time Matt leaves the room, it won't shock me at all if he overhears them at some point in the next few days.  And that's the point of my subject line--even though Matt's safe, he needs to pay attention to what's going on around him. If he misses all the little birdies whispering around the house, he could easily write off any anti-Matt-ness to Hayden/Enzo having to choose between 2 bro-gaders and decide to DPOV Britney or Kathy.

lane hayden

I still say Matt should go with Enzo.  Even though Enzo hasn't won any comps, and possibly isn't great at them, he's playing a fantastic social game and he's definitely one of the biggest "threats" in there.  And if Brit/Kathy goes (esp. Brit) the Bro-gade (i.e. Enzo) will run the board.


And now it's time for our annual "what is a floater" lesson.  Being a floater is not directly related to winning or not winning comps.  A floater is someone who just gravitates over to wherever the power is at the moment.  They tend to not win comps themselves, though they definitely can (see BB4/7 Erica).  And just because someone's not winning comps doesn't make them a floater (see BB2/7 Dr. Will).  That's why I say Kathy and Enzo are the biggest floaters of BB12.  But everyone sees Kathy as a floater.  It's Enzo that's going to sneak up on them.  Last week he was all about the Bro-gade.  This week he's all about Brendon.  And next week he'll be all about whoever wins HOH.  When Britney's had a POV he's been her best bud, but she didn't have it he's happy to call her names and suggest her as a nominee.


Kathy's been running around telling everyone that Rachel left a message for Brendon to go after Matt.  She's also (quite amusingly) telling each of them not to tell anyone.  And, of course, they're all telling each other...only to find out that it's the worst kept secret ever.  Meanwhile, Kathy's in Brendon's ear about how he has no one left but her now that Rachel's gone.  If Brendon really thinks about that he might just DOR.


Lines of the Day

Matt (to Ragan): It's not good cop/bad cop.  We're like gay cop/straight cop. 
Enzo: Should we just tell him, yo or should we like snake him, yo.  
Britney: The livefeeds probably hate us.  We do nothing all day and then come alive at night when no one's watching.
(Uh...what makes you think we watch during the day?  Some of us do have jobs, you know.)  
(The guys are doing some sort of wiggling ab exercise.) 
Ragan: Y'all look like...sperm.  On a race to the egg.  
Enzo: I just want to see the light.
Matt: I just want to see the wife.
Enzo: I want to see the wife, the baby, the movie scripts thrown at me. 
Enzo: Where the fuck are we?
Hayden: Studio City.  
Hayden: Do you think Matt has a power?
Ragan: No.
Hayden: Are you sure?
Ragan: Yes.  Well, you can never be 100% sure in this game, but I think I'm a pretty good read of people and if he had a power I'd know. 

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