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bro-gade fade

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posted Sunday, 15 August 2010

The bro-gade is definitely dead.  Enzo and Hayden have been talking about ditching Matt for a few days now, and I've now heard them officially clue Lane in on the plan (they may have done that a while ago, I just didn't hear it myself until today).  They're getting really nervous that he's not nervous about being a potential repl-nom.

new bro lane

This is one thing I actually don't like about BB...I don't mind the fighting and the lies but when teamies start to turn on each other and the ousted one doesn't know it, it's just awkward.  It's one thing when people are just plotting against their housemates, but when you're supposed to be in an alliance and you're planning to kick your alleged buddy it bugs me.  It shouldn't, but it does.

friends forever 

The really sad thing is that if Matt is not the repl-nom, they'll probably go back to Bro-gade-ness next week and no one will be the wiser.  And if he is the repl-nom and diamond vetoes himself off the block....well, who knows.  As I said yesterday, I think the best thing that could happen for Matt's game is to be the repl-nom, realize the Bros have ditched him, and diamond repl-nom Enzo up and out.


So, a few words on the about that dude Bubba having his ball bounce right out of the hole, and that 25 year old German guy winning the....oh, wait, that wasn't BB.  That was the golf that ran ridiculously late.  Once CBS finally got to Big Brother, there wasn't much we livefeeders didn't know.  They edited in the sound effect for Brendon's buzzer (and misspelled his name in a subtitle), they completely skipped over some possible rule breaking with telling Britney she was going up, and they've resorted to having Matt drape a towel over his shoulder to cover up some tattoo on his shoulder.  Unlike with BB9 James, it isn't obvious from watching the feeds what the issue is, and I read somewhere that it's a trademark/copyright issue, not an obscenity issue (which might explain why they seem to want him to keep it covered all the time, not just for CBS).  In any case just as with Dan's cross, it's piqued my curiosity, and I'm now on another Where's Waldo? mission.


So, back to the show....I guess we're supposed to understand Brendon's plan to be to complete Rachel's mission and go after "floaters."  The stupid thing about that is that the two biggest floaters in the game are Kathy and Enzo, and they are 2 of the last people he'll go after this week.  On top of that during Rachel's Return she made it very clear she thinks the top targets should be Matt and Britney.

notsofloatie floatie

Speaking of Rachel's Return, her 24 hour visit did, in fact, turn out to be on BB time, and she left about 4 hours ahead of schedule.  Brendon didn't reappear until a few hours after that, making it quite possible that they they had a little meet & greet time.  I guess we'll find out for sure on Wednesday.


Tomorrow will bring us the POV ceremony and the repl-nom, and one more clue about potential drama to come.  The HGs also believe this may be a double-eviction/fast-forward week.  It's about the right time for it, either this week or next.  Julie usually tells us the Thursday before, so right now I'm betting on next week.  But if it is DE/FF any one of them could be gone after Thursday.


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