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posted Saturday, 24 July 2010

This morning the MeowMeow Boys got together and used the little rubber duckies (the remote for the spy cam is "the block") to play out different scenarios for how things could go this week, and down the road.  It's kind of cute and it does help them think a few things through.  They came to the conclusion that it's in their best interest to never reveal their alliance.  


It occurs to me that the 4 of them are really in a great position.  No one knows about their alliance and they all seem pretty committed to it.  As long as they do keep it quiet, they really could go far.  And Matt in particular is in a great position.  He's in with the Boys, he's good with Ragan, and he's got a lot of them convinced that he's playing this game for such noble reasons that they would feel guilty about kicking him.  And the truth is, he's unlikely to get caught.  He's certainly not going to tell anyone he's lying.  The only person who's really suspicious of him is Andrew, and he can't confront Matt without admitting his own lie.  On top of that, if Andrew does decide to admit he's a doctor (or he's on the jury and doesn't care) Matt's got the fact that though his wife isn't sick, it could be true.  So there's always room for doubt as long as he doesn't fold.

enzo hayden lane 

Speaking of folding...they go off to play the veto today (yes, I was wrong again, they did play today) and when they come back it turns out that it was some sort of poker-esque betting game.  And, Brendon won.  So, if backdooring Brendon was really Matt's plan, it's not happening.  I'm still not completely convinced it really was Matt's plan.  I really think at the end of the day he doesn't care that much.  Someone, anyone, goes this week, and he's one step closer to the end.

 matt andrew

So the week of campaigning begins.  Both Kathy and Andrew are saying they're not going to campaign, but the fact is they both are.  They maybe aren't going to be hostile toward each other, but they are each going to do what they can to stay.

andrew kathy

Amongst the other HGs there are basically two schools of thought.  On the one hand, they all agree that Andrew's a better competitor.  On the other hand, he's a total wildcard where Kathy's allegiances are fairly clear.  The BB norm is to get out the tough competitors.  But a lot of them are thinking that Andrew's ability to win comps is an asset, as long as you're not his target.  And Kathy is seen as a 3rd to Rachel/Brendon's voting block.

kristen britney

It even seems that it's not a matter of the house being split--even individual people aren't sure which way to go.  So the week is in no way a done deal yet.  I'm not quite sure where we're going to get drama from, but I bet it's coming.  Week 3 is traditionally when things start to get interesting.

rachel ragan

Lines of the Day 

Rachel: My sister's really conservative. She'll look at my clothes and say "Can I borrow this shirt?" and I'll say "That's a dress" and she goes "of course it is."
Brendon: Like that one you wore when you won HOH?
Rachel: That was a long dress--it covered my whole butt.
Brendon: Oh, I'm so proud of you.

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