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posted Sunday, 25 July 2010

Once again, there's pretty much nothing going on on the feeds today.  With the POV taken care of and about zero chance that it will be used, there's no replnom drama.  And with two basically low key nominees, the campaigning is pretty quiet.  Right now we're just getting lots of floating around with Lucky the Ducky, and things like Kathy feed Andrew baby food.

lucky babymine

Kathy did spill to Kristen today that Rachel's been talking about Kris/Hayden's "showmance" but I don't know that anything will come of that just yet.  But at least Kristen has figured out that Rachel, not Matt, totally made up the story about Kristen's vote flipping last week.   But I don't expect anything to come of that until at least next week.

hayden kristen

So instead we'll talk about the Sunday show.  About the only interesting thing from the HOH comp was hearing the DRs about whether people fell or jumped.  The only one that really surprised me was Enzo saying he didn't jump.  It sure looked deliberate to me.  I think he had hoped to come off in time to escape being a Nottie for another week, and maybe considered a run for the end once that wasn't going to happen.  But whatever.


I'm glad they aired Ragan's message to the h.s. bullies.  That's usually the kind of thing they gloss over.  But they didn't cover Rachel's incessant cheering for Brendon, with afterthought "you too"s for the rest of them.  They also didn't make it clear exactly how much Matt was just chilling on that board.  He seriously could have been there all night.  And it was interesting how natural they managed to make the shifting of everyone in and out of the house so Ragan and Matt could have their conference. 

Matt's HOH letter was also a nice bonus for him.  He's completely got the puppet master role down pat.  As I said yesterday, with Andrew being the only one who is remotely suspicious of him with his disease lie, he's pretty safe from being outed.  And now Andrew's buying it too.  And the duckies didn't escape the notice of any BB superfans.  Many have tried to copy Will's strategy and most have failed.  Matt's doing it, but with his own twist.  Which just might be enough to make him the New Puppet Master.


The Britney and Lane show, and the Britney and Enzo show were both great.  After making Britney look so bitchy with Monet for the last few shows BB owed her.  The accent wars between Brit and Enzo were hysterical.  They actually do a pretty good job of mimicking each other.  

brit lane

While I'm on the subject of language, I'll get to my subject line: one of my personal pet peeves is people using "I" when they mean "me."  Every time Rachel says "I have to get Brendon and I further" I want to scream.  And after doing the bit about Andrew the Uncomfortable last week with Hayden/Kristen, why did they go with Andrew the Cockblocker for Rachel/Brendon, rather than Kathy the Cockblocker, who was actually in the bed with the two of them almost constantly?  (Actually, I can answer my own question--b/c that all happened in the HOH room and Rachel's not HOH anymore.)


Matt's nom speech was pretty reasonable.  He had a decent explanation for what he was doing.  I still can't quite figure out if he really wanted to target Brachel or not.  For now I'm sticking with "he doesn't care who goes, as long as it's not him."  I was pretty amused by the shocked looks on the faces of some of them when Rachel's key was pulled.  I'm sitting there watching the show, of course knowing exactly what was going to happen and for a second I was thinking "what? why are they making faces like that."  Imagine being a TVOV.  They miss so much.


Lines of the Day 

Enzo: Is that like an endangered vegetable-bok choy? 
Britney: Lane, have you had a dream about Enzo?
Lane: No!
Matt: Have you had two dreams about Enzo?
Lane: Yes.
Matt: You have to ask the right questions, Britney.  
Enzo: I feel like I'm going to pass out from not eating.  If I die, my family sues.
Britney: You signed all that away, sorry.
Enzo: Either way, I'm gettin' $500,000. 
Andrew: (looking at the camera) It's like they're knocking on the glass of an aquarium.  Come on, do something!  It's like us with the fish.  
Enzo: (about the baby food Andrew's about to have for dinner) That's definitely been in my daughter's diaper. 
Ragan: People are mean on the Internet.
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