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posted Friday, 23 July 2010

Abbreviated entry today...we're tired here at mybbpov.

Matt's plan seems to be this: nom Kathy and Andrew, tell Rachel/Brendon he's doing them a favor by keeping them off the block, but mention from the beginning that he won't make any post-POV promises.  If Andrew/Kathy comes off the block, Brendon goes up, and out.  If noms stay the same Kathy's the Target.

kathy andrew

They got their HaveNottie bonus food for the food and bok choy.  None of them know what bok choy is (I didn't either, but I have google) and several of them complain bitterly about the baby food.  Andrew declares that it is kosher and starts downing jars.  Enzo's the most anti-baby food and wants to go back to fishsticks and fruitcake.  (He also apparently ate an illegal slice of pizza yesterday and got a "warning"; another offense and he gets a penalty.)  I keep thinking if he knew the other choices (sardines and sauerkraut or prunes and pâté) he might be happy to have the strained peaches and whatnot.

guzzler C:\Users\Jennifer\Pictures\BB12pics\bb12_072310-2058_005.jpg baby

They have noms, and as predicted it's Kathy and Andrew on the block.  I'm not sure if Matt ever got the chance to tell Andrew The Plan.  Rachel's super-happy and thanks Matt for keeping his word.  Ragan is already in Matt's ear about keeping Brendon, saying it's good to keep a big target around.

rach ragan

Just as I'm putting this together, they go off to pick veto players.  Brendon, Rachel and Lane were the picked players.  The MeowMeow Boys are bemoaning their bad luck.  

matt lane brendon

The comp. may not be played until Sunday.  Depending on what it is, Andrew might not be able to participate on Saturday.  But I'm not predicting anything.  I've been wrong too many times recently.  Tongue out


As always, we'll know when we know. 

Smiles from the three I haven't capped yet today....

britney kristen hayden

And this, just because it's odd....

dive face

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