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all that and a bag of fish sticks

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posted Friday, 16 July 2010

It's the first regular Friday in the BB12 house, which means food comp and noms.  

noms today 

But first, a little flashback to last night.

After a fairly short congratulatory visit to the HOH room, most of them went downstairs to start trash-talking Rachel.  For reasons I don't entirely get, other than just being the CattyGirls, Britney and Monet also had quite a go at Kristen.  Meanwhile, back in HOHville, Rachel cracked into her bottle of Patrón and went into full Showmance mode with Brendon.  A little later they stumbled downstairs, literally in her case.  I can't quite decide if I believe she was really that drunk or just playing her part.

brachel that girl

In other Showmantic news, we may have something brewing with Hayden and Kristen.  They've been getting cozier over the last week or so and they spent last night cuddled up in bed together.  Just talking (seriously).  Kristen got into her own bed before anyone else got up, and they talked a bit about not wanting to look like a Showmance.  They seem to have equal levels of concern about screwing up their games by making themselves a target as a team, and about looking skeezy on TV.

hayden kristen

Which brings me to a realization I had last night.  I've noticed that every time Brendon/Rachel get all smoochy/showmancey that I pretty much immediately want to mute them and move to another feed.  It's not that I dislike either of them, or even mind them together.  If they're chatting in the hammock or cooking dinner or something, they're fine.  And it's not that they're super-skanky like Aprollie or something.  But they're also not super-cute like Jeff/Jordan were.  And that's when I figured it out--Jeff and Jordan were just cute.  They had this flirty, innocent little thing going on...and even if we thought we wanted to see more, most of us really didn't.


But enough personal reflection--back to the game.  The HGs spent most of the morning cycling in and out of HOH for their interview with Brachel.  Brendon is clearly thinking this week is as much his HOH as Rachel's.  It's really rather irritating.  Rachel clearly can (and does) think for herself.  Any HOH is going to want input from her/his allies, but co-HOHs are annoying.  The whole exercise was pretty pointless anyway.  It's a pretty good bet that Rachel will nom Monet and Britney.  It was a little entertaining thinking back to last week when the Meow-Meow Mafiosos were so sure they'd be kicking Andrew or Brendon this week, and now they're all desperately trying to stay off the block themselves.

 matt mew

Next they went off behind the trivia for the H/HN comp. (I know I keep saying food comp, but you know what I mean).  When they came back so many of them seemed unhappy it took awhile to figure out who the have-notties were.   I finally worked out that it's Britney, Monet, Enzo and Brendon.  I'm a bit curious how Bren/Brit/Mon ended up on the same team.  I'm sure Rachel's just as happy to have her Two Top Targets on slop and sleeping in the slums, but she definitely wanted Brendon in her HOH bed.  And the AC supplemental foods are fish sticks and fruit cake.  Which, I have to say, I could totally live on for a week.

fish and fruit cake 

They then briefly disappeared behind the bubbles and when they came back they'd received the final message from StaboTool Annie.  There was a certain amount of shock and awe, lots of "omg"s , etc.  Then it finally dawned on them that anything and everything the Tool said could be a lie. So many of them had believed the "escaped the block" message that they'd discounted Annie.  Once that sunk in the various accusers (mostly Britney, Matt and Andrew) took turns apologizing to each other.   And then they moved on to my least favorite BB12 tradition: self-congratulation.  They went on and on about how great they are, getting the Tool out week 1 (uh, guys?  you didn't know you were getting the StaboTool) and how they're the best cast ever (uh, guys?  Every cast thinks that) and how BB11 never would have managed it (uh, guys? That BB house you're living in?  All those mirrors?  Glass.  Think about it).

say what? get outta here

We've got more trivia for noms now.  I'll be shocked if we come back with anyone other than the CattyGirls on the block.  But I've been wrong before.

brit monet

Lines of the Day (so far): 

Matt: We're the best cast ever.
Ragan: The viewers hate twists.  They just want to straight up gameplay. 
Enzo: It's ghetto as hell, being a have-not.  

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