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if wishes were horses

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posted Friday, 16 July 2010

Feeds come back and find, sure enough, Britney and Monet are on the block.  They're both in tears, but saying how "it's fine" that if they get kicked, at least they'll get to go back to their real lives.  They also are shocked, shocked I tell you, that Rachel would nominate them. 

monet tears britney cries

Monet: I've never said one bad thing about her.  
(me: What?!)
Monet: Well, I've never said one bad thing to her.  
(me: okay, better.) 
Monet: I wish they'd never shown that video.
Britney: I wish one of us had won HOH and this week would have gone totally different.  

There are a few things I have never understood about hamster logic.  And a big one is why don't they ever seem to remember that nothing really matters until after POV?  As anyone who has ever been backdoor'ed or any kind of repl-nom would tell them, in a way you're better off getting nom'ed to start with so you're guaranteed a shot at the veto.  

And in this case I can't get why they're so surprised.  Brit/Monet are pretty clearly on the opposite side of the house from Brachel, and they've been saying ever since she won HOH that they were at risk.  Who knows....maybe it's all about sympathy.  And they're getting a bit.  The MeowMeow boys are happy they've all escaped the block, at least for now.  Apparently Matt and Lane were the last 2 to get keys, so they realize they're potential repl-noms if it comes to that. They also seem to be getting a little suspicious that Hayden made a deal with Brachel, though he swears the Mafia is is his true alliance.  In any case, the boys still tell the girls to fight for the veto, hope one of them gets saved, and then the other can fight for the votes.  

lane hayden

Eventually, Rachel and Britney head up to HOH for a talk. Britney's explaining why she's so upset, and Rachel points out that she completely understands--she was just in the same position, nominated, have-not, etc.  Britney goes with the approach of "now I understand you" and goes on the offensive.  She's throwing pretty much everyone under that fabled bus.  Andrew's the devil, Kathy's a backstabber, Lane can't be trusted, Monet's going to campaign against her, Kristen is totally fake, etc. etc.

no fool on the warpath

Rachel: It was down to you, me and Monet.  And I felt like if you or Monet won, Brendon and I would have been on the block.
Britney: I was totally after Andrew.  And at the time it was even more so, because I thought he was the saboteur.   I mean it was like a  100% chance.
(I'm not sure if she means 100% chance of nom'ing him or 100% that he was the StaboTool....) 

kathy kristen andrew

We probably won't have the veto comp. until Sunday, so we've got at least a day and a half of anger, tears and cattiness, campaigning, and other good drama ahead.  Could be fun.... 


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