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who will win, who will care?

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posted Tuesday, 14 September 2010

It's the eve of the BB12 finale, but it's sure felt like this thing's been over for a while.  Sure, we don't technically have a winner yet, but does it really matter to anyone outside of their immediate family which of the final 3 actually takes home all the marbles?


I've let the feeds keep streaming, but I haven't really watched (or more importantly, listened) for days.  I've Tivo'ed BBAD each night, but usually just delete it w/o watching.  I did fast-forward through last night's ep. only to be highly amused by the hour of footage of the 3 of them sleeping in the greenlight.  BBAD viewers don't usually get that much of a true livefeeder experience.

hayden lane enzo

I am, of course, in to the bitter end.  I hear the BY interviews after the finale are going to be on the feeds and that's pretty cool.  It doesn't quite make up for the blocking of the final endurance comp., but at least it's something.  Before I get all caught up in the finale, finishing the site, and then wandering back to my other life, I do want to take a second to say "thanks!" to everyone who read the site, followed me on Twitter, etc.  It never ceases to amaze me that people actually read my ramblings, but I'm happy about it all the same.  I hope you've enjoyed it all and will be back next year--I know I will be.  There is a bit more to come--I will have finale and post-season blogs, and finish up At the End of the Day.  And one of these days I might even finish AtEotD for BB10 and BB8.  Maybe.

Oh, and just for the record, since I do this most years, our top blog of the season was i'd do that for a diamond pov

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