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do you love me?

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posted Tuesday, 19 July 2011

There's not a whole lot to report today. Same song, different day. Brendon and Rachel got into another fight. This one was because she asked "do you love me?" in front of everyone, expecting him to say "what do you want?" and then she was going to ask him to make her some slop. He got annoyed, saying that asking that makes it seem like she doesn't have confidence in their relationship, and makes him look bad, like he's not expressing his love enough. While I don't agree with exactly what he said, I'm actually kind of with Brendon on this one. Asking "do you love me?" when you really mean "I want you to do something and I'm going to make you feel like saying no means you don't love me" is incredibly manipulative. Regardless the fight went the way of most Brenchel spats...too long, too much whining and ended up with a kiss-and-makeup session, without really dealing with any real issues.

rach bren

In other news, Jordan started to get a little paranoid that Rachel was not 100% in their alliance. This mostly came out of Rachel asking some questions about the $25K "jury prize" leading Jordan to wonder if Rachel was going to try to get JeJo booted before jury so they wouldn't have a shot at that prize. Of course, this is forgetting that the last few years it's been fav. HG, not a jury prize. Jeff wasn't feeling well most of the day and didn't really care about the game drama. So, Jordan checked in with Rachel and was assured she has nothing to worry about. For now....

jo je

Cassi is campaigning just a bit, going with the premise that Shelly's got a family to go home to and so leaving isn't the worst thing in the world. I think she even said that Shelly told her that she'd be okay leaving b/c of that (though I might have misheard that...and either way I don't know if Shelly really said it). A number of them are promising votes to both women, and it's always possible that Cassi's got a shot, but I still say it's more likely than not that she'll be meeting Julie on Thursday.

shel cass


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