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posted Monday, 18 July 2011

We ended up getting a little drama on the feeds last night.  Cassi pulled Rachel aside to ask what she had done to make Rachel hate her so much.  Rachel pretty much told her she didn't know what she was talking about.  Cassi said that she had heard that Rachel didn't like her because she was "the pretty girl" and Rach was threatened by her.  Rachel asked from whom Cassi had heard this, and Cassi said "everyone" while kind of making "around in the air' gesture.  I'm pretty sure that the DR started this particular pot-stirring, but they did it well enough that other HGs, including Jordan, were talking about it.  To top it off, a few days ago Rachel did make a comment to Jordan about Cassi spending time around Brendon and Jeff, but not around Rachel and Jordan, and said that she suspected that Cassi wanted the two of them out of the way so she could hang out with their b/fs.  Jordan was unconcerned, but she did tell Cassi later that Rachel might be threatened by her.

eyeroll the fight

In any case, Rachel ends up telling Cassi that she likes her "personally" but that Cassi has "horrible gameplay" and that's why she has to go.  Then she really presses Cassi's buttons by saying that she acts like a victim.  When Cassi tries to respond to that Rachel asks her "why didn't you win HOH this week?"  Cassi says she tried and Rachel responds "but you didn't" and gives her a little condescending smile.  That's the end of any civility as Cassi says "You're catty.  You're a catty, catty girl, and you're ugly on the inside. You came in here saying you want to change the way people see you and then you act like this.  I was pulling for you last season, I was a fan of yours, I just want you to know that, and I was like 'that's bullshit the way they treat her' but now I get it."


Rachel then heads upstairs looking for sympathy from Jordan.  And while she gets a certain amount, she also gets a bit of reality.  Jordan says repeatedly that Rachel "sometimes comes off bitchy."  Only Jordan could say this and still sound like the nicest person in the world.  She takes a little bit of the heat on herself, admitting that she was one of the people who said Rachel might be jealous of Cassi, and then when Rachel denies it, says she'll freely admit she could have been wrong.  She also tries to get Rachel to see how her behavior with Brendon doesn't always make her look the best.  Everything from being super-competitive to making it All About Brenchel can really get on people's nerves.  She also points out that maybe, just maybe, having sex on TV and telling everyone about it, is not the best way to change your reputation.

rachel cries jordan speaks

But through the whole thing, Jordan continues to reaffirm the Re-Run Alliance.  She assures Rachel that anything that's going on with Cassi now isn't going to influence replnoms and even points out that Cassi's possibly behaving the way that she is because she "knows she's leaving."  Word has gotten around that various people were trying to get Jordan to backdoor Brenchel this week, and Jordan assures her that it isn't going to happen.  Nonetheless, she does say later to Jeff that they are going to have to get rid of Brenchel as soon as possible after the game goes to singles.  Of course, Brenchel feels the same way about JeJo.  And Daniele is planning to blow them all out of the water.  But for now the alliance will have to stay together, and they all know it.


Eventually Brendon makes his way up to HOH and gets to hear the story.  He does a little bit of his usual lecturing, but he's not as bad as usual.  In large part that's because as soon as he starts in on it, Rachel tells him that she wasn't looking for a lecture and if he can't just be supportive he should go away.  (She's not quite that blunt, but almost...)  So, he does his best and before long she's feeling better.  The rest of the night was a lot of hash and rehash, and the stories did get more dramatic with each retelling.  We're sure to get at least a version of the whole thing on Wednesday's show.

hug1 lift

Because, sure enough, Monday rolls around and it's Shelly and Cassi on the block as repl-noms.  There's next to no chance of Cassi staying, but we might get a few more good fight nights out of all this.

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