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stranger things have happened

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posted Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ever since Dominic wrapped up that POV, everything's been all about the repl-nom. With Jordan as HOH, both Cassi and Kalia have befriended her. To be fair, they were both talking to her before this, but Kalia in particular has fallen into puppy-dog follow mode over the last 24 hours. It's pretty much a done deal that Shelly and Cassi will be the repl-noms, and if they are it's an even done-er deal that Cassi will go. Everyone loves Shelly, and with Rachel/Brendon/Daniele/Porsche all more than happy to see Cassi-kicked, she's cooked.

dom cassi

Cassi did make a quick pitch to JeJo about possibly "backdooring" Brenchel, but Jordan quite rightly said that there's no way she could do that at this stage in the game. And while it would be much better for JeJo to make a deal with Cassi and send out Kalia or Lawon, Rachel would see that as a betrayal, and with there being a reasonable chance of her winning the next HOH, Jordan can't risk it.

jeff jordan

CBS has put up a poll for viewers to vote early and often on "which houseguest is the mostly likely to...." This means the HOH comp. will be based on those questions, and it really could be anyone's game. This is definitely one that I could see SuperFan Adam taking. I was thinking it would be a great one for Shelly to win before remembering that she most likely won't be playing, but sitting on the sidelines with the GK. The thing that most often trips up HGs in this type of comp. is arrogance. They'll get a question about who looks best in a bikini and Brenchel will both say Rachel, when most fans will have voted for, say, Cassi.

adam shelly

Sunday's show was about as interesting as ever...that is to say, not very. The food comp was just odd...and I have no idea if Kalia was exaggerating her injury, though she did seem to be carrying on a bit unreasonably. And she seems to have healed just fine quite quickly. And, as always, the various pre-nom negotiations looked a lot more coherent and shorter than they really were. One thing I will say, since we hadn't seen Rachel/Cassi's confrontation on the feeds--I thought Rachel came off just fine. There was no door-slamming, foot stomping, or bitchy attitude as some reports had said. The only thing I heard in her tone was actual defense of Porsche as the outcast, and I totally believe Rachel's explanation that it just reminded her too much of how she felt last season.

rach brendon

Oh, and one final comment on the show...I find it interesting that Franklin the Turtle was featured in a segment. He's been missing for days, and his appearance on the show leads one to really wonder what happened. Was he kidnapped by BB? Did he start to develop an ego and go off in search of an agent? Was Rachel jealous that Brendon had a new friend? Did Lucky Duckie put a hit out on him to ensure his spot as House Floater wasn't challenged? Or maybe the crows know more than they're saying.


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