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the blind leading the blind

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posted Monday, 25 July 2011

They had the POV meeting today, and as planned, Brendon did not use the veto, so either Dom or Adam will be kicked on Thursday. They've each been told the other one is going, but right now the odds are slightly in favor of Adam staying.


To recap a bit, last night Rachel told Kalia that they were considering using the veto and noming her and Lawon, and sending Lawon home. This is something Kalia was pushing for at one point and she took it pretty well, though she did start running around checking in on votes. This led most of the house (and many out here, since it seems a lot of people missed Rachel saying this -- see flashback 7/24 7:36PM BBT feeds 3/4 for the convo) to decide that Kalia had gone over the edge and/or was lying. Kalia passed the intel on to Lawon, so first thing this morning he tottled up to HOH to check in with Brenchel. They took the opportunity to tell him that Kalia's been tossing him under that fabled bus practically since Day 1, and make clear to him that K. has Dani/Dom, etc. on her side. Read: Lawon should be grateful to Brenchel for a.) telling him all this and b.) saving him.

brendon rachel

lawon kalia

Next up to HOH was Daniele for a slight replay of yesterday. She backed off the Kill Jeff plan a bit, but it's too late to save her image with the DDA (double date alliance). Dani made another plea to save Dom, reminding Brenchel again that they told her to team up with him last week and they're totally screwing her over if they turn on him now. They (well, Brendon) asks her what's the big deal about keeping Dom. If you think about it, he's got a point. If she really was still with the re-run alliance, it really doesn't matter if she made a deal with Dom last week or not. Dani gets all worked up and the exchange with Brendon gets pretty heated. She accuses him of talking down to her, and then proceeds to tell him to "shut up" and asks "are you stupid?" They eventally come to something of an understanding, agreeing that the POV won't be used and they'll spend the next few days deciding who should be kept and who should be kicked. There's a little talk about re-grouping with the whole re-run alliance, but Daniele nixes that saying she'll just talk to Jeff (which as far as I can tell she has no intention of actually doing).


Daniele has also started working on a discredit Shelly campaign. Now that the Kill Jeff plan has imploded, she's working on planting anti-Shelly seeds. I haven't quite been paying enough attention to get all the details, but I'd look for that to grow over the next few days.


They go off behind the trivia for the ceremony, and afterwards Dom and Jeff have a little chat. Pre-POV Jeff had asked Dom if he was being 100% honest with Jeff. Dom said he was, and Jeff said they'd talk after the meeting. So, after the meeting they sit down and Dom says that clearly Jeff thinks there's something up. Jeff asks what that might be, and Dom says that Jeff must think he was behind the whole backdoor plan, which he swears he was not. So Jeff counters with "well how did you know about it?" Dom says he heard it from "everyone." Jeff keeps pressing for who, and Dom finally says "Dani, Kalia, Lawon...." as soon as he says Dani's name, Jeff nods knowingly.

jeff pt

There was some talk of a house meeting, but it's not come to anything. The afternoon was the usual poolside lounging, and the evening so far has been all pool and chit-chat. Dani and Dom did lay around and "talk" for a while this afternoon, and maybe it was interesting, but since he's learned her super-sonic stealth whisper technique, all I can make out is clicks and pops, I couldn't say for sure. If anything does happen it probably won't be until late tonight....

jordan jeff


And, yes, Porsche's still in there.....


Actually, to be fair, she was around a lot more than usual. Rachel's under orders from Brendon to make sure Porsche's on their side, so they spent most of the day together. Porsche just might make it back on the show in time for the end of the GKs.

And for your daily dose of JeJo cuteness....


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